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Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2013 + June Entries

Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2013
This monthly newsletter is published by the Guyanese Online Blog.

Download: 36- Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2013-final

This 36th issue has 25 pages. It features Guyana’s Independence Celebrations 2013 , Guyana’s Parliament; Guyanese Associations News; Arts and Cultural News; Guest Editorial; Guyana’s Parliament and Governance; Other Guyana news; Agriculture, Business; Education ; Medical News; and Tourism. It also lists all of the Blog entries for April 2013, and those that were most popular with readers.

Download: 36- Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2013-final

Recent Posts from June 1 -30, 2013

  1. Cricket: West Indies escape with thrilling win vs India
  2. Cricket: Gayle in explosive form as West Indies destroy Sri Lanka
  3. America’s Student Loan Debt Crisis
  4. Capitol News – TV video Reports – June 28, 2013
  5. €23.4M sugar support…EU stipulates conditions
  6. Guyana: Four years to ‘fix’ sugar industry
  7. Capitol News – TV video Reports – June 27, 2013
  8. Juan Enriquez: Will our kids be a different species?
  9. Left brain versus right brain – Daniel H. Pink
  10. Rethinking taxing tourism – Commentary
  11. Guyanese must stand up for Procurement Commission‏ – AFC
  12. Helpful Tips for Sleeping Better – Dr. Mercola
  13. Capitol News – TV video Reports – June 26, 2013
  14. Report: Guyana Independence Gala – June 21,2013 – NYC
  15. Capitol News – TV video Reports – June 25, 2013
  16. Aruba to run solely on sustainable energy by 2020
  17. Cricket: Bobby Ramroop takes control of CPL
  18. Amanda Palmer: The art of asking – TED video
  19. Peter Attia: What if we’re wrong about diabetes? -TED video
  20. Cricket: On this day, June 25, 1963- Exactly 50 years ago     Continue reading

Guyanese Online – Most Popular Entries – May 2013

Guyanese Online – Most Popular Entries – May 2013 

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Top 30 – Check full listing: Most popular May 2013 – Full list- 499 items 

  1. Botlahle: Age 11 – Winner Of South Africa’s Talent 2012 – 3 videos
  2. Home page / Archives
  4. Mother’s Day Speech – by Randall Butisingh
  5. Britain’s Got Talent – Attraction shadow theatre group – video
  6. Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago – and Guyana
  7. Teenage Parties – by Ken Corsbie – comedy video
  8. ‘Bomb’ made from gas cylinder caused blast in Guysuco Scheme home + updates
  9. Personal View: The Future of Education at St. Stanislaus College – by Dr Ken Khan
  10. Guyana: The diminishing airline service – commentary
  11. Worry for Guyanese as Delta flies out on May 6, 2013
  12. Famous People of Guyanese Heritage
  13. “The Real Guyana” – Guyana in 2013 -YouTube videos  
  14. “Dear Mother” – 23-year-old pays off mom’s mortgage, becomes YouTube star
  15. Screening of documentary “Jungle Fish” filmed in Guyana – May 15,2013 Continue reading

Race Relations: Genuine talk or open conflict – GHK Lall

Race Relations: Genuine talk or open conflict

volcano-ghklallG.H.K. Lall holds a copy of ‘Sitting on a Racial Volcano (Guyana Uncensored).

The House Speaker and a prominent Roman Catholic clergyman have endorsed a new book on race on Guyana that calls for an open and frontal discourse on the issue or the country could erupt into open conflict.

Titled ‘Sitting on a Racial Volcano (Guyana Uncensored)’ by G.H.K. Lall was launched Friday evening at Marian Academy.

Monsignor Terrence Montrose urged that the dialogue begin and continue among youths, children about the meaning of being Guyanese. “If we don’t start now, if we don’t dare ourselves; frightening though it may be, terrifying though it may be, if we don’t start now, all of us are doomed,” he said.    Continue reading

Capitol News – 31 May 2013 – TV video reports

Capitol News – 31 May 2013                     

  • Acting Chief Justice Chang claims he was unaware licences were granted by former President Jagdeo – 31st May 2013
  • Guyana Gov’t could be bowing to the pressure over the management of GUYSUCO – 31st May 2013
  • AFC demands immediate dismissal of the Board of the Guyana Power & Light Company – 31st May 2013
  • Rohee speeds up neighbourhood police application process to combat domestic violence and child abuse – 31st May 2013
  • UNICEF presents State of the World’s Children Report – 31st May 2013
  • Guyana to lock horns with Trinidad to qualify for NACRA Fifteens Tourney – 31st May 2013

Continue reading

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