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Allstate Ins: Victor Babb Agency, Inc NYC – Moving Notice


Tambo Award: The Boiling Pot. What’s In it? – By Eusi Kwayana

Tambo Award: The Boiling Pot. What’s In it?  –  By Eusi Kwayana – Letter

Let me see how I can usefully enter the AWARD discussion.  I do so with the objectives of Justice and Reconciliation.  I want to do so without compromising Justice or endangering reconciliation. There two are the Midwives of a better, more secure, more equal Guyana. Memories (including mine) are shaky. A review of the record may be helpful. Challenges will be welcome as we must clear the air without polluting it.

After the killing of Walter Rodney in an explosion in a car in June, 1980, the administration arrested one person, his brother, and driver at the time of the explosion. The administration invited two UK experts Dr Skuse and Dr Johnson who   prepared reports that can be useful in a trial or Inquiry. Those experts were not qualified, nor required, to investigate guilt. Donald Rodney named as suspect a soldier, whose identity was denied by the Army Chief of Staff, now a government nominee on the Broadcasting Authority Board. His statement was later exposed by the suspect’s neighbour’a woman of great homely courage and keen intelligence who identified the suspect as an active GDF soldier.  The Catholic Standard, not the police, led to investigation and kept the police reacting.

[Read more: The Boiling Pot.What[s In It – Eusi Kwayana]

We still have a nation to build! – By Walter B. Alexander

We still have a nation to build! – By Walter B. Alexander

Nearly half a century ago in May 1966 with the arrival of Independence, Guyanese were saying that we have a nation to build.  The then leaders on both sides of the political divide and forward-thinking Guyanese had a vision of development, economic and social, in all spheres of life and living in all parts of the country.  The Late Rev. A. L. Luker captured some such sentiments in the third stanza of our National Anthem:

Great Land of Guyana, diverse though our strains,
We’re born of their sacrifice, heirs of their pains,
And ours is the glory their eyes did not see,
One land of six peoples, united and free.

And now nearly fifty years later we are still waiting to see the glory.  The majority of Guyanese voters are against the Government; the y are dissatisfied with the state of play, with their quality of life and living, with the observance of law and order in the society, and with the manner in which the government operates.         Continue reading

CTATF threatens sanctions if November deadline not met

Anti-money laundering legislation…Regional body threatens sanctions if November deadline not met

MAY 31, 2013 | BY  |

A regional body overseeing the implementation of counter measures to halt the flow of dirty money has warned Guyana of sanctions if the country fails to meet a revised deadline of November.

Guyana was this week allowed an extension by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), after the National Assembly failed to pass key legislation in time for a critical evaluation meeting in Managua, Nicaragua.
A statement by the 29-state organization sends a clear message of how serious the legislation is to help countries track illegal money.   Continue reading

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