US Vice President Joe Biden wraps up talks in Trinidad and Tobago – video

US Vice President Joe Biden wraps up talks in Trinidad and Tobago – 29.May 2013 – Capitol News

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 05/30/2013 at 10:52 am

    The world leader, US Vice President has met with the CARICOM Heads of Governent in POS, Trinidad and an Accord on issues affecting the region has been signed. Will Caricom be able at this time in their fiscal management of their countries affairs be able to manage this accord. The Caribbean basin Initiative is still in place. Security for the Region is still in shambles and the Drug Trade is making a mockery of the Caricom states who cannot alone tackle this enormous problem! The Secretariat at Caricom needs help as this lacks the driving force of a major Organization. Shridath Ramphal should be asked to join the Secretariat to give some quality of Leadership to this Institution called Caricom. The Grenada PM said in no uncertain terms that Caribbean Citizens will always find a way to the USA legally or illegally. That much for Immigration issues. America has 11 million illegals. They are dealing with it and are relaxing the rules. The returning Criminals from US are still pursuing a life of Crime in the Caribbean on their return to this region. The Caricom has no common security Plan to deal with these vexing issues and so must the US also fix this Caribbean Problem!

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