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Celebrating Inequality – commentary

Celebrating Inequality

By GEORGE PACKER : New York Times:  May 19,2013

THE Roaring ’20s was the decade when modern celebrity was invented in America. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Great Gatsby” is full of magazine spreads of tennis players and socialites, popular song lyrics, movie stars, paparazzi, gangsters and sports scandals — machine-made by technology, advertising and public relations. Gatsby, a mysterious bootlegger who makes a meteoric ascent from Midwestern obscurity to the palatial splendor of West Egg, exemplifies one part of the celebrity code: it’s inherently illicit. Fitzgerald intuited that, with the old restraining deities of the 19th century dead and his generation’s faith in man shaken by World War I, celebrities were the new household gods.    Continue reading

47th Independence Anniversary messages

47th Independence Anniversary messages

MAY 26, 2013 | BY  |

PPP: Guyana is leading the way in the world

The People’s Progressive Party extends best wishes to all Guyanese on the occasion of Guyana’s 47th Anniversary of Independence.
Independence was the ultimate conclusion of the struggles of slaves and indentured laborers for freedom.
At the very beginning of the People’s Progressive Party, we had placed as one of our important objective, the winning of Independence and May 26, 1966 saw us achieving this milestone. At the early stage of our Independence, Guyana had fallen into an undemocratic state due to massive fraud at elections. That action undermined the freedom which generations of our people fought and sacrificed for.                 Continue reading

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