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Guyana must invest against sea level rise – Dutch Engineer

SUSTAINABILITY –  Guyana must invest against sea level rise

By Johann Earle | 17 May 2013    Source link Thomson Reuters

Guyana must either move its capital inland to higher ground or invest more heavily in coastal infrastructure to withstand future sea level rises, a health and engineering expert says.

Dutch civil engineer Adrianus Vlugman, who works with the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), says the government of the small South American nation must take a decision before long on one option or the other. He believes Guyana also could explore innovative solutions to the problem, such as floating villages – groups of houses built on floating platforms, with which the Netherlands has experimented.   Continue reading

More Guyanese may qualify for a Caricom Skills Certificate – video

Guyanese looking for jobs in the Caribbean will be able to qualify for a Caricom Skills Certificate

More Guyanese looking for jobs  in the Caribbean will soon be able to qualify for a Caricom skills certificate.

The Jamaican Government is to table amendments to the Caribbean Community (Free Movement of Skilled Persons) Act, so as to broaden the categories of skilled nationals able to access jobs in other regional countries.

The Act’s original concept has been modified over the years in an effort to facilitate full implementation of the free movement of skills mandate. This entails the right to seek employment in any CARICOM member-state and elimination of the need for work permits and permits to stay. Continue reading

US Ambassador to Guyana comments on the Anti-Money Laundering Bill

US Ambassador to Guyana weighs in on the controversy surrounding the Anti-Money Laundering Bill 

[Capitol News – 23 May 2013 ]  The United States Ambassador to Guyana Brent Hardt has declared that the Guyana Government has not initiated a single case against people who are suspected as money launderers in the country, under the current Financial Crimes Law.

This is the first time that the leading western diplomat has publicly weighed in on the current impasse between the Government and the majority in the House on the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill 2013.   Continue reading

Guyana: Needs of disabled brought out in study

Needs of disabled brought out in study on Open Doors centre

(Georgetown, GINA, April 11, 2013) –

A stakeholder workshop held on April 11, to address the needs of persons with disabilities, was seen as giving life to the 2010 Persons with Disabilities Act, according to Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran.   “This conversation has taken a higher level now because having enacted the legislation it is just a start of the process… this is a work in progress,” Minister Ramsaran said at the forum.

He outlined that some of the main items in the legislation speak to the need for empowerment of people with disabilities to make them equal with their fellow Guyanese citizens. It also speaks to the need for education and training, relevant to the job market so that they can enjoy life as productive citizens while at the same time it speaks to the need for special arrangements by institutions to cater for people with disabilities.    [Read More]

The Dignity of Sidney Poitier – interview video

The Dignity of Sidney Poitier – interview video

This is a recent interview of the actor, Sidney Poitier (86), where he comments on his life, his acting roles his image and the high standards he insisted on throughout his acting career.  He also introduces his latest book that reflects his life.   [Published May 12, 2013]