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Music: Snoop Is #1 On The Reggae Charts

Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg

Snoop Lion formerly Snoop Dogg

Music: Snoop Is #1 On The Reggae Charts

(News Americas, May 24, 2013:) Popularity sometimes trumps talent at least when it comes to the reggae Billboard charts.

Snoop Lion formerly Snoop Dogg’s version of reggae may not sound like reggae to many diehard fans of the genre but he’s definitely on top of the Billboard Charts. Snoop debuted at number one four weeks ago and is holding on to the spot with ‘No Guns Allowed,’ featuring rapper Drake off his album, “Reincarnated,” which debuted on April 23rd.    Continue reading

Tribute to Manly VHL Binning 1899-1986 – By Dmitri Allicock

Manly Binning

Manly Binning

Manly Binning is remembered as a great father by his children. He was a brilliant coworker and mentor to the many workers of the bauxite industry in Upper Demerara, Guyana and to all his extended family one of the most important relative that ever lived. Manly was born with many exceptional talents. He was intelligent, creative, imaginative, skillful, ambitious, and very hardworking. Manly stood out as a leader among his peers and is remembered for all his great qualities.

The importance of Manly Binning to his family heritage is sacred. He was one of the few to document and record the lives of his family. He travelled by boat, train or bus to visit relatives where he conducted interviews and recorded by writing down their information and family history. He documented, organized his work, and then protected it for the future generations that can now benefit from this precious information of family heritage.    [Read more: Tribute to Manly VHL Binning 1899-1986 ]

Legacies of Empire: the Good, the bad and the ugly – Sir Ronald Sanders

Legacies of Empire: the Good, the bad and the ugly

Thursday, May 23, 2013 – 17:54 By Sir Ronald Sanders

This commentary is a much shortened version of a paper delivered at a public seminar at London University on May 20th on the Legacy of the British Empire in the Caribbean.

The Legacy of Empire in the Caribbean is a mixed one – some aspects are good, many aspects are bad, and one in particular is ugly. I will start with the good aspects:



The first is language. Because English has become the first language of international commerce, the Legacy of the English language in the former British colonies has been beneficial to the English-Speaking Caribbean countries in a range of global transactions.   Continue reading

The Ice Trade of British Guiana – By Dmitri Allicock.


 A February 1806 Boston newspaper assured its readers. “A vessel has cleared at the Custom House for Martinique with a cargo of ice. We hope this will not prove a slippery speculation.”

Imagine life in 1800’s tropical hot and humid British Guiana without a cold glass of water or for the more affluent, ice cream, a cold beer or beverage. Gourds, goblets and other earthen vessels did bring some quenching relief of cool water for the thirsty as it did throughout history.

It was commonplace to find large water holding gourds among the furnishings of the historical kitchen of Guyana.

For those who lived in the rural areas or hinterlands, a shady and cool creek kept liquids below room temperature. Closed containers were submerged at water’s edge and retrieved for a cool drink on a hot day.     [Read more: The Ice Trade of British Guiana]

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