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Charlie Chaplin and his mother

Charlie Chaplin and his mother

Charlie Chaplin reached unimaginable heights of wealth and fame as the brightest comic star of the silent movies. But he started his career in the depths of poverty, the child of music hall performers in England in the late 1800’s. His father died of alcoholism at the age of thirty eight, and his mother was committed to an asylum after having three children — each with a different man — and supporting her children through music hall singing and prostitution.

It was the Victorian era, an age in which the veneer of propriety covered over a world of dislocation, poverty and crime — not the least of which was rampant child prostitution — and which all seared itself into Chaplin’s young soul and later informed his movies. In his movies, Chaplin often rescued the damsel in distress — and his own first rescue happened when he saved the act of his own mother at the age of four:      Continue reading

Screening of documentary “Jungle Fish” filmed in Guyana – May 15,2013

Screening of documentary “Jungle Fish”, filmed in Guyana – May 15,2013


Dear Fellow Guyanese,

At the request of the organizers, we are pleased to invite you to the screening on May 15, 2013 of the Sundance award-winning documentary titled “Jungle Fish” which was filmed in Guyana. There will be a panel discussion. The event begins at 6.00 p.m. and concludes at 8.00 p.m.

The link to RSVP is http://junglefisharestreet.eventbrite.com

Attached is a flyer which provides additional information. We hope you would be able to attend.

With best regards,      Download:    Film Screening-Jungle Fish (1) Continue reading

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