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Guyana: The diminishing airline service – commentary

The diminishing airline service

MAY 7, 2013 | BY  |  EDITORIAL

Another airline quit operating out of Guyana yesterday and all eyes are now on the possible hike in airfares since there is only one airline left to move Guyanese in and out of the country. That single carrier is Caribbean Airlines. The departing airline is Delta which came into operation not long after North American Airlines quit.

When North American Airlines ceased its operation there were other carriers, many of them charters which offered cheap fares so the absence of that airline was not considered as severe. But one by one these charters collapsed, hurting many travellers in the process. Quite a few were stranded and had to rely on relatives back home to help them secure a return fare.

What is difficult to appreciate are the fluctuations in airfares. Back when Guyana Airways Corporation was in operation, fares plummeted by some forty percent as soon as the airline hit the market. It did not survive but not long after it was replaced by GA2000 and fares remained low. But as soon as one or other of the airlines went out of operation the fares jumped.   Continue reading

Ed Ahmad sinks NY State Senator Sampson who planned to “take out” witnesses

Ed Ahmad sinks NY State Senator Sampson who planned to “take out” witnesses    
Written by New York Daily News
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 06:02  – Demerara Waves

Brooklyn State Senator John Sampson (center) and his attorney Zachary Carter (right) leave Brooklyn Federal Court on Monday May 6, 2013. (New York Daily News photo)

They’ve been charged with taking bribes, lying under oath, even trying to buy their way into office — but until now, there has never been a political corruption case in New York like this.

State Sen. John Sampson was charged Monday with embezzling $440,000 and using some of it to bankroll a bid for one of the highest law enforcement jobs in the city, Brooklyn district attorney. And when he feared getting caught, he told an associate he could track down informants and “take them out,” according to an indictment unsealed Monday.

Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch called it “one of the most extreme examples of hubris and arrogance we have ever seen.” She said Sampson even pressed a high school friend working in her office, paralegal Sam Noel, to uncover information that might ease his mounting legal troubles.  Continue reading

Guyana signs rice deal with Venezuela – video + Rice Prospects commentary

Guyana inks rice deal with Venezuela

For the visit of the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Milan and the country’s Food Minister Felix Osorio,  rice was at the top of the agenda.

Osorio and Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy signed a letter of commitment, saying Venezuelan will take 140, 000 tons of seed paddy this year and a further 70,000 tonnes of white rice.   The signing ceremony was witnessed by scores of rice farmers and even some millers, who were anxious for the agreement to be finalised.       [See video for details]

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Rice Prospects – commentary

Rice farmers across Guyana breathe a sigh of relief last Friday when Venezuela’s Food Minister, Felix Osoria, signed the long-awaited contract for Guyana to supply paddy and rice to his country this year. The present agreement will see Venezuela purchase 140,000 tons of seed paddy and 70,000 tonnes of white rice, which will be about … [Read more]

PNC/R defends Guyana’s role in the liberation of the South African Freedom Fighters


PNC/R defends Guyana’s role in the liberation of the South African Freedom Fighters

The main opposition party brought out its top brass as it strongly defended Guyana’s role in the liberation of the South African Freedom Fighters during the apartheid regime, which saw a divided South Africa at that time.

The party went on the offensive after the South African Government decided to defer indefinitely, the posthumous awarding of the Order of the Companions of O. R. Tambo to its founder/leader LFS Burnham.

The South African Government had initially signaled its intention to confer the award posthumously, but due to a petition and an article written by Jamaican  Professor Horace Campbell, which raised some concerns against the former President, Pretoria has decided to withhold  the award.

Continue reading

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