Budget 2013: Government agrees to tripartite budget committee

Gov’t agrees to tripartite budget committee

By Kwesi Isles Demerara Waves  – Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:17

The government has agreed to establish a tripartite budget committee with the parliamentary opposition parties in a move that could avoid a third year of political wrangling over the nation’s finances.

Leader of the Opposition David Granger made the announcement after the passage of the 2013 budget in the National Assembly Wednesday night. The opposition parties had called for a tripartite arrangement since December 2011.

“We met President Donald Ramotar on two occasions in an attempt to ensure that this budgetary process would go more smoothly and at least one thing has come out of it, he has agreed that from the first of July 2013 he will initiate a process by which the opposition is more closely associated with the preparation of the budget,” Granger told the House.  

He added that it was their hope that budget 2014 would be much different than the two preceding years in terms of preparation and consultations with the parties.

Last year the parties used their majority to shear some $20.9B from the proposed $192.8B estimates. Those figures rose this year with the $208.8B estimates being reduced to $177.4B at the end of Wednesday night.

The opposition has argued for a greater say in what goes into the budget but until now the government had pointed out that it was the function of the executive to craft the annual estimates.

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  • N Augustus  On 04/25/2013 at 4:57 pm

    Hopefully, the current practice of engaging locla authorities will continue before the new committe meets, so that local governments will know who rob Peter to pay Paul and why. Budgets must balance critical social and other needs with a need to invest in projects that will bring greater benefits in the future. Those are the decisions that separate statesmen from politicians.

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