Guyana – China Timber Industry Park by BaiShanLin – brochure

Guyana: Chinese investments in lumber – BaiShanLin planned Economic Park at Providence

There have been many announcements and agreements between the Chinese Government and companies and the Guyana government. Major investments have been established by a number of Chinese companies in the lumber industry. One of their major investment entities in lumber and mining is a group of 11 companies under the group name of  Baishanlin [or Bai Shan Lin].

The Chinese are also building of the Marriott Hotel, the CJIA Expansion Project and the Amaila Falls Hydro-Electric Project.  These projects are all part of a comprehensive investment plan whereby China will become the major investment  and economic entity in Guyana.

Here a Chinese publication regarding  Baishanlin plans for a Timber Industry Economic and Trading Cooperation Park encompassing five square km on the East Bank of Demerara River near Providence.. There are also plans for a  400 acre housing development as well as an International Mall.  Here is the Baishanlin brochure of their plans and projects in Guyana … click link below:  

China’s Baishanlin brochure of projects in Guyana


There have been  business announcements  as well as controversy regarding Bai Shan Lin in Guyana. Here are some of the articles from an Internet search:

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 04/18/2013 at 7:47 am

    The Bhai Shan Lin State entity of China, has entered into several mega projects in areas as Lumber and Mining and has announced a Housing Project forwhich 900 local Guyanese workers are to be recruited.
    Whose responsibility it is to research the bonsfides of this China Based Institution. It is the specific secretaries of the specific ministries who must examine the credentials of these established Institutions emanating from the China Country.The Guyana Marriott is under construction by the Chinese and this is no phantom Project. The Amelia Hydro electricity is in Phase 2 or 3 of the established protocols between the Government and the China based Entities.
    So far Labour of Guyanese on the Marriott is a sore point.
    The question is now that real development in Infrastructure and Mining are taking place before our very eyes what is the Problems that The Media would like to highlight for us to usderstand that we are being cheated of our Natural Resources by the China based Institutions. Let us do our part of these Mega Projects and let the Chinese continue. They built the Berbice Harbour Bridge and the Skeldon Expanded Sugar Factory. There were problems and President Jagdeo resolved them. So that is what the MOU is about. Unseen Problems and their amicable Resolutions. The Chinese are in Africa, Asia is their home. They are courting the Latin American Countries for development as in the case of Guyana. Their technologies may not be accepted in places as Europe, Australia and New Zealand becaues of White Hedgemony and Racial Prejudises and Other European Mind Boggling Complexes associated with Politics of Hate and Spite. The Europeans are still believing that they are on top of us in terms of the master servant relationship and these negative things are subtly reflected in their dealings with the Class of countries called the Third World or Developing Nations. So my take is let the Chinese do their work and we shall monitor them. In the long run Guyana is becoming a Developed Nation. The hugh find of OIL and Gas in Eastern Guyana by REPSOL et AL will complete the economic development of Guyana in this very 21st Century. Thanks to Kaiteur news for keeping us well informed and we expect them to continue to do so in the Future and always. Thanks.

  • de castro  On 04/18/2013 at 8:58 am

    In principle I support your suggestion for Chinese development
    in Guyana but in practice I question its wisdom.
    All eggs in one basket.
    I feel we should look closer to our neighbours for “long term”
    development of Guyana s natural resources..anything over 5
    years is long term..the BRICS (Brazil Russia India China and Africa)
    are very aggressive to replace the old aggressors USA EURO
    for world domination…economically/politically even culturally.
    Guyana must use all world players when negotiating its
    development in the future….without giving any “outsider”
    a dominating roll…..don’t put all eggs in one basket…
    be open minded in negotiations awarding short term
    developments to all players….long term give neighbours
    some priority…their interest closer home.
    Non Guyanese developers profits must remain
    Taxable in Guyana not in Puerto Rico Switzerland or Bahamas
    Tax havens…..for blood money !
    Obviously openness on negotiations a must…not deals behind closed
    doors with the media in attendance/invited.
    Gifts for favours,corruption,backhanders all distorts the decision
    making process….with the Guyanese people (taxpayers) the greatest losers.
    Politicians must be “clean” or “cleansed” if Guyana is to prosper.
    The people must not be fooled….will not loose.

    Forever the optimist


  • Mali Sing  On 04/18/2013 at 2:11 pm

    If the Government is unable to ensure that Bai Shan Lin follow the rules of Guyana then it is time that they be turfed out . It is clear to me that Bai Shan Lin already thinks that they own Guyana and acts that way by not signing the GGMC lease. The current administration is doing a lousy job and it smells of bribery and corruption. It is time that we hear from the opposition or are their hands also in the pockets of Bai Shan Lin?

  • de castro  On 04/19/2013 at 7:31 am

    Mali Sing
    We can but speculate but I do respect your “suggestion” of corruption.
    What the fools do not understand is that in time most of their
    “Jiggery-pokery” is exposed….in democracies even in dictatorships.

    China s corruption will eventually be “exposed” as its press/peoples
    will demand it….how the authorities “suppress it” is the question…

    Most people are not born corrupt but become corrupt or are corruptable…
    society influences its direction. More or less !

    and I am no politician or philosopher…

    Kamptan PS mali thanks for your input above.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 04/19/2013 at 10:21 am

    Corruption is an International Industry that will be legal in time to come as the Good men and women do nothing to bring those responsible to the book. In fact good men and women wine and dine with the people of the Corruption Industry because od a few favors and also because they are men of power and position. The Churches of every Religion can fight the corrupt in the Society and Government but will they do it? How can they get tax exempt for their many fold activities and from where will the money come to construct their large Churches and Head quarters. It is a case of civil Society accepting the corrupt and wheeling and dealing with them on a daily basis. So in today’s society Corruption is the normand the Corrupt accepted in every area of the Society. The need for deals with multinational corporations and the extent to which they go is mind boggling. The Omai gold plant was given away to transnationals while the Hoyte adminstration gave us 5% Ownership. This happened for real. Today the Chinese are enjoying the Patrimony because no other Guyanese Industrialist would come forward and rescue the Country. Messers Toolsie Persaud has been the No. 1 Logger in the country but he sit quietly and allows China to enjoy what the locals should be investing in the Lumber Industry. It is entirrely his right to expand or not to and so other Industrialists have been invited to invest in our 83,000 square miles of rich land mass blessed with the fresh water of the Amazon Region, and we the citizentry cry foul. Government is about protecting our natural resources and ensuring that we get the best for our joint investments and developments. This rich land mass is ours. We must enjoy the natural resources as we enjoy the production of rice and sugar. Now the Bajans are investing in the Rice Industry in the vast Rupununi district. In June they wioll harvest their first crops and will reinvest in planting 1000 acres of Rice land. Kayman Sankar has monopoly in the Rice Industry in the Essequibo Coast but even this is invaded by Rice investors from Trinidad and Tobago. Its part of the Caribbean Investment Plan for the 21st Century. China is not only the one to diversify their investments in infrastructure while others are looking at Food Security for the Region. The Bajans have also secured their markets for rice in Brazil. We are in for interesting times while the media will keep us abreast of all developments in Guyana. Who will hold the tidal wave of economic development back? God bless Guyana and the Guyanese economy.

  • de castro  On 04/19/2013 at 12:55 pm

    Again I echo your sentiments…
    Tax breaks should be a priority for “investment/development”
    internally…similar to the ideas of the “capitalist” putagee leader
    D”Aguilar…he cleverly made BANKS DIH a public limited company
    as his buddy Forbes Linden Sampson Burnham would have
    nationalised the company…most of its shareholders Guyanese

    In a similar way Guyana’s development must be internal with external
    investment but with safeguards to protect Guyanese investors as a priority
    when things go “wrong” “broke” “belly-up” “sour” basically
    in bancruptacy..Guyana’s shareholders first then company investors
    then the rest ….if anything is left. Laws must accommodate these
    In UK individual “savings” is protected/guaranteed by government
    up to limit of 85.000 pounds per individual….rigourously enshrined
    in the law and its enforcement agencies…
    These savings cannot be used for speculation by banks in
    markets ….Investment banking V Utility banking.

    Interest received is taxable but only if it is above your personal

  • N Augustus  On 04/19/2013 at 7:25 pm

    The problem is that Guyana has both limited financial resources needed to capitalize on its huge natural resources. This is occuring at a time when the leaderships and huiman resources are in a limited phase of developmet to put it mildly. Hence the best that can b e done is to insist on an equitable share of the profits. Certain tax concessions should be limited to when full production occurs and a share of these enterprises should be sought even at the expense of taxes in some instances if the outlook to be very good. The first part of any income to government must be spent on rigid and effective oversight to ensure we get our fair share. The gold industry may be an example of Guyana losing its fair share from a natural resource..

  • de castro  On 04/20/2013 at 1:47 am

    but only if it is above your personal tax allowance.
    These personal savings by individuals can then be used
    “Internally” for a investment/development of its natural
    resources… the long term…in the short term corporations/outside
    Investment can be invited on a 50/50 partnership with government
    or even a3/5 year tax break given.
    Thatcher realised her car industry was “failing” so she invited/courted
    Japan/Nissan Japanese corporation to set up production in UK
    with a 5 year tax break…today Nissan makes more cars in UK
    than Japan or anywhere else..for euro/world markets…
    It now exports more cars than it imports….paying its taxes
    on UK profits….the Germans and French despised Thatcher
    for her audacity at the time….now Germans and French
    make more cars outside/within euro club than in their
    own borders….
    Obama only recently bailed out the car industry with subsidy…
    in short term it saves jobs but eventually it becomes “uncompetitive”……
    even “white elephant”….sooner or later american car manufacturers
    will have to compete internationally or die…the world is global….
    Politicians must not only think global (international) but act local(national)
    or their legacy will be considered a “failure”…..they must get the
    balance of these two issues right or be “de-selectd”…

    After a home the next big “spend” is a car …. How these are financed
    the question….if most of it is from internal not external sources
    then the ” profits” remain internal for tax purposes….externally
    it is almost impossible to tax..BANKS and CORPORATIONS
    are the worst evaders/avoiders/offenders of Taxation….most mobile.

    Am sure there are many suggestions/ideas/
    thinking on how to tackle the powerful corporate
    dominance of our planet….Hugo Chavez may
    been hated for his thinking … even branded a
    Communist (politically) but he had the right idea….
    may have went about it the wrong way….
    Hitler also had the right idea
    Burnham also

    Taxation of Jews or Corporations
    the WMD (weapon of mass distribution) of wealth

    My spin entirely

  • de castro  On 04/20/2013 at 2:50 am

    N Augustus
    Thanks your above comments…
    Agree with most in principle.
    I however question “rigid and effective oversight”
    Governments make political decisions…guided by public opinion…
    economics becomes secondary. Leadership an important part
    of decision making…with poor leadership you get bad decisions.
    Taxation is the WMD (weapon of mass distribution) of wealth
    how it is administered/squandered I question….
    I sometimes try in vain to seperate Economics from politricks
    in discussions ….but realise that one is factual the other fictional.

    In economics facts are used to guide the decision
    In politricks fantacy /dreams /ideology/class/colour/statistics/religion/
    public opinion/party/etc etc cloud the decision.

    I am neither politician or economist


  • N Augustus  On 04/20/2013 at 5:19 pm

    Kamptan – I could drop “rigid” and keep “effective”. Simply the first could have been any word that means fixed, consistent or just aggressively implemented. Effective menas systems is working as was exp;ected. I see leadership as again simply doing what is best for those you serve in the long run, not what best serves you or popular at the moment. To do the right things, one must not be looking to be re-elect or to keep a politicall job, one must act as a patriot not a politician. Maybe be simplier said than done for most, but this separates patriots from politicians. Glad for this forum that allows differences in opinion or agreement without political bias and bile..

  • de castro  On 05/20/2013 at 10:16 am

    Nice one n Augustus….having just read your comment above……
    Patriots not politicians…..
    My comment….which first…?

    And I don’t have to be a patriot to be “political”….
    Patriotism feeds the ego and is used by the political to
    win over the masses….
    Personally one must identify who we are are before we know
    who we wannabe…
    Without the political influences….affiliations etc etc
    Today PARTY politics rules the day but we must move away from that
    ….move onward and forward or becomes buried in the history of
    Politricks…thanks your input


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