Ruling PPP/C warns against budget cuts, as being reckless and irresponsible – video

Ruling PPP/C warns against budget cuts, describes any such action as reckless and irresponsible

April 8, 2013 – Capitol News –

The ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic is warning against cuts to the 2013 Budget and Estimates, describing any such action as reckless and irresponsible.

But at the same time, the opposition is maintaining that they are not constrained to amend any aspects of the estimates. The opposition also said that Parliament continues to enjoy the same powers it had last year, when it slashed allocations to several agencies, despite the CJ’s ruling.

The opposition, both APNU and AFC, threatened to cut what they called, unnecessary allocations to various Ministerial and Governmental agencies. 

Speaking at Freedom House, the party’s headquarters, Tourism Minister, Irfaan Ali strongly defended the allocations to NCN and GINA.

Over the weekend, opposition Leader David Granger confirmed that APNU will be cutting the budget for the two agencies. He said while NCN is making some effort to cover opposition events, GINA continues to be biased in their coverage and reporting.

As it relates to GPL, Minister Ali said the power company provides an essential service to Guyana. He explained that any cut to GPL, will result in an increase in tariff to the consumers.

But while cautioning of any budget cuts to GPL and GUYSUCO, Minister Ali said cabinet has recognized the need to have these agencies run more effectively and efficiently.

Tuesday will be the last day for budget debates, after which Parliament will go in committees for consideration of the line by line items in the estimates.

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  • Robert Singh  On 04/28/2013 at 11:44 pm

    What the PPP gov’t is quarelling about has nothing to do with the peoples’ interest, but budget cuts leaves them less money to put in their pockets.- Corruption. Ramotar and he cabal has not indicated any concrete steps so far, that I know about, to arrest this problem. Where is the US, UK. Canada and the World Bank and IMF? Why isn’t Jagdeo and his cohorts past and present investigated. The Guyanese poor are the big losers.

  • Cyril balkaran  On 04/29/2013 at 1:48 am

    More budget cuts mean that there will be less money to be spent on capital development and Infrastructure and so when another spring tide comes the entire east Coast and Georgetown will be flooded. The Ministry of Works is in need of a proper Infrastructure Plan to repair broken and old Dykes and Kokers along the East Coast so that another Kingston Nightmare will not descend upon us in Georgetown. Granger et al must be reasonable beings to cut 31.8 billion dollars from this 2013 budget. Let’s see how the whole scenario plays out at the Budget Committee Stage. The bottomline is development dollars for the Guyana economy and not money for the Corruption Industry!

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