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Guyana American Heritage Foundation – Guyana’s 47th – East Orange. NJ. USA


DOWNLOAD Flyer: Guyana American Heritage Foundation – Guyana’s 47th

Coastal flooding from Essequibo Coast to Corentyne – April 28 2013 – updates

Overtopping of Seawall  – video

Gusty Winds propel Coastal flooding from Essequibo Coast to Corentyne

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol    Demerara Waves
Sunday, 28 April 2013 09:53
 Several coastal communities from the Essequibo Coast to the Corentyne were Sunday morning under several inches of floodwater due to extremely high tides worsened by gusty winds, authorities said.Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn confirmed that a drainage sluice (koker) at Windsor Castle, Essequibo Coast has been damaged by the force of the waves. He said a team has been deployed to begin remedial works there.He said the Rupert Craig Highway would remain closed until Monday morning because the next high tide would be at 3 PM Sunday. The height would be 2.94 meters.  Authorities are expected to clean up a thick and slippery sludge is left behind whenever the water recedes.The high tide and closure of the area means that there would not be the usual Sunday evening ‘lime’ on the seawall.On the outskirts of central Georgetown, in the Liliendaal-Blygezight area, residents woke up to several inches of heavily silted coffee brown water in their yards. The Public Works Minister said that although the Liliendaal pump was working, several drains and trenches in the area were blocked preventing the water from running off the land.             Continue reading

Government worried over falling gold price, and rice and sugar crisis

Worry as rice, sugar face crises…Govt. contemplates selling off gold amidst price jitters

April 28, 2013 | By |

With the country’s biggest earners being threatened with low prices and in one case poor production, Government on Friday admitted that it is worried about the situation and has been examining a number of measures to ease the possible impacts on the economy.

President Donald Ramotar

According to President Donald Ramotar, prices for gold on the world market have indeed impacted on buying by the state-owned Guyana Gold Board. The Head of State was responding to questions on the low rice and gold prices and on sugar production.

Gold production has been a major prop for the country’s economy in recent years raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign revenues as price climbed to over US$1,800 per ounce at one time. It was an area that attracted more than US$100M in local and foreign investments last year, officials say.
Last year, gold production reached a record breaking high of 438,645 ounces, in the absence of large scale producer Omai Gold. The commodity earned US$737M.  Continue reading

University of Guyana: Fifty Years Serving the Nation – Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

University of Guyana - Turkeyen Campus - GuyanaUniversity of Guyana – Turkeyen Campus – Guyana
Source: Google Earth

Fifty years serving Guyana since its inception on 19 April 1963. A remarkable achievement for a young developing nation with a population of less than 800,000.

The University of Guyana is the legacy of a leader whose mother never went to school and father who left school before he was ten. Ignoring the naysayers, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, an American trained dentist, had pursued his vision for Guyana’s future as an independent nation. Together with other founding members, he initiated evening classes in the country’s top secondary school building and rented buildings around Georgetown.

Dr. Jagan knew that realizing a big dream started with small steps.

From a small beginning of 179 undergraduates, the university has grown to over 5,000 students at its Turkeyen Campus opened in October 1969.

Small beginnings did not mean low educational standards. Socialist scholars in…

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GCA New York – Download: April 2013 On-Line Magazine

GCA – Guyana Cultural Association of New York – April 2013 On-line Magazine


GCA - April 2013

  • PAGE 3-13: Garbage City Photo Essay;  PAGE 4-22: 100 years of Aviation in Guyana
  • PAGE10-23: Guyanese Women in Riots; PAGE 24-25: How Tress Grew in the Forest
  • PAGE 26-27: Keith Agard, artist; PAGE 28-29: Carmen Jarvis
  • PAGE 30-31: Eileen Cox; PAGE 32-33: Andrea Douglas
  • PAGE 34:35 Poet Gentian Miller; PAGE 36-37: Finding a Summer Job
  • PAGE 38-39: International Events; PAGE 39: Chuckles Corner
  • PAGE 40-41: Godfrey Chin Prize for Heritage Journalism
  • Page 42: Calendar of Events

 April Editor – Lear Matthews
Cover Design – Claire A. Goring
Layout & Design –  Claire A. Goring & Ashton Franklin
Copy Editors – Edgar Henry & Lear Matthews
Contributors: Vibert Cambridge,  Muriel Glasgow, Lear Matthews,  Michael Benjamin, Peter Halder, Allison Skeete, KaieteurNews, Hazel Woolford, Youths for Guyana, Carl Hazlewood

Guyanese Parrots – talking and singing – comedy

Guyanese Parrots – talking and singing – comedy

Do you remember the parrots back home in Guyana…. Well here are two parrots conversing and even trying to sing  … funny!!!

They even say   “Merry Christmas.. Happy New Year!”  and try to sing nursery rhymes.

This entry was made on December 12, 2010, ten months after we started this Blog/ Website.  We are now in our 38th month, so many of the later readers may have missed it. It became one of the most popular entries at the time.

We hope that you enjoy it once again!

Capitol News Videos – April 26, 2013 – 7 videos

Capitol News Videos


  • Suspect in fatal stabbing incident of 14-year-old girl in Police custody – 26th Apr 2013
  • President Donald Ramotar vows to restore monies that were cut from the 2013 National Budget – 26th Apr 2013
  • Alliance For Change defends Budget Cuts – 26th Apr 2013
  • Rescuing of four teens from sexual slavery at mining camp just the tip of the iceberg – 26th Apr 2013
  • Issue of trafficking in persons once again takes centre stage – 26th Apr 2013
  • Global Environmental Facility funded programme encourages non-governmental Organisations to submit projects for funding – 26th Apr 2013
  • GFF to make public some of the proposals from FIFA – 26th Apr 2013
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Capitol News Videos – April 25, 2013 – 7 videos

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  • Brutal stabbing of 14-year-old girl shocks family – 25th Apr 2013
  • National Assembly approves $177.4 billion budget – 25th Apr 2013
  • Member of Parliament, Desmond Trotman, rejects threat by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee – 25th Apr 2013
  • Opposition slashes $19 billion from LCDS allocation – 25th Apr 2013
  • Jai Signs and Designs emerges victorious in the Hikers Hockey Club’s Hockey Festival – 25th Apr 2013
  • Transformational Leadership seminar to better equip Guyanese to make daily decisions – 25th Apr 2013
  • Private Sector Commission calls on politicians to pull together – 25th Apr 2013
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Capitol News videos – April 22, 2013 – 20 videos

City Hall - Georgetown-Guyana

City Hall – Georgetown- Guyana

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Chris Gayle 175 Not Out – IPL Royal Challengers – 2 videos

Chris Gayle 175 Not Out – IPL Royal Challengers

Highlights of RCB batting – 1st Inning :  Chris Gayle:  fastest century ever in 30 balls

There are raging Twenty20 innings and there are ones like Chris Gayle played when he scored the fastest century ever in Cricket.  Gayle then slammed an unbeaten 175 off 66 balls, in the process breaking a sequence of records, to power Royal Challengers to 263 for 5.  [Published on Apr 23, 2013]

FULL MATCH REPLAY – ball by ball    Continue reading