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Highly indebted Caribbean Airlines shedding staff

Highly indebted Caribbean Airlines shedding staff

Caribbean_Airlines_logo-600x270Demerara Waves Sunday, 31 March 2013

Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is reportedly facing what amounts to a more than $500 million debt, and the airline has already refused to renew the contracts of several persons in Jamaica to save money.

The Trinidad Express newspaper on Saturday quoted the airline’s spokesman, Clint Williams as saying that he could not address reports of bankruptcy and the carrier was trying to borrow $100 million from the Trinidad and Tobago government to pay its staff and suppliers.

“We prefer not to discuss any specific aspect of the report that we have seen in the media at this time.     Continue reading

Sacred Heart Church to be reopened in December 2013

Sacred Heart Church to be reopened in December 2013

sacred_heartconstr(Demerara Waves March 30, 2013) – Parishioners of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church are eagerly looking forward to the reopening of the newly constructed building after it was completely destroyed by fire eight years ago.

 Chairman of the Sacred Heart Rebuilding Committee, Ramsay Ali, said from all indications, the church will be reopened in December of this year. “We are looking at December for the reopening. As things stand now, we need $20M more for the completion of construction works and an additional $25M for furnishing of the building.”           Continue reading

Miss Israel meets President Obama…. picture

Obama-Miss Israel

Miss Israel meets President Obama….

· Miss Israel 2013 Yityish Aynaw – the first Ethiopian black -Israeli lady to win the coveted pageant crown.  Miss Aynaw, after crowned, met US President Barack Obama at a gala dinner.

President Obama Meets with First-Ever Ethiopian Crowned Miss Israel
Israel is putting its best face forward for President Obama, and what better face to put forward for America’s first black president than Israel’s first black beauty queen?
The newly crowned Miss Israelis an Ethiopian Jewish immigrant to Israel.
She joined President Obama recently for the official state dinner in Jerusalem. Ethiopian immigrants have struggled to integrate into Israeli society, but Obama will be getting a taste of some of their recent success stories.   Continue reading

Reflections on Easter Sunday – Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Kite Flying at Eater in GuyanaKite Flying at Easter – Interior of Guyana

Photo by James Broscombe 2010 (jmbroscombe.blogspot.com)


Easter Sunday. Christians across the United States and around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after his death by crucifixion. In Guyana, the sky above the coastline vibrates with colorful kites of all shapes and sizes.

Growing up in a working class family in a British colony, I connected with Jesus’ life and world. He, too, came from the working class and lived in a country ruled by the foreign power of his day: the Roman Empire.

Accounts of Jesus’ teachings and work in the gospels of the New Testament reveal a man fearless in criticizing the excesses, self-righteousness, vanity, and hypocrisy of religious leaders in his community. They chided Jesus for mixing with bad-johns, women of ill-repute, people of other religions; and for disregarding their religious dictates. Through his actions…

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