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Very dismal performance at all sugar estates in 2012 – Tony Vieira

Very dismal performance at all sugar estates in 2012 but especially at Skeldon flagship

Skeldon factory

The US$200M Skeldon factory built by a Chinese company has under performed

Stabroek News  March 22, 2013  Letters |  Comments

Dear Editor,
Every year I give my analysis of how our sugar industry performed in the previous year, here is my report for 2012.

All estates are showing signs of poor labour turnout. In the year 2012 the industry showed the factories standing idle, out of cane and not grinding, during the first and second crops a total of 10,527 hours. The actual time the factories worked during the year was 21,623 hours. This means that due to an acute shortage of labour to cut the cane the factories were standing idle 50% of the time during the crops waiting for the cane to be delivered, needless to say that during a substantial part of this time the factory’s workers had to be paid for standing by doing nothing.   Continue reading

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