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Chutney Music – featuring Guyana’s Terry Gajraj – autoplay 10 videos

The first video, from the Terry Gajraj website, features  Mehendra Ramkellawan.  The nine other videos are by Terry Gajraj. 

See more Terry Gajraj videos at his YOUTUBE site: https://www.youtube.com/user/officialTerryGajraj?feature=watch

CHUTNEY MUSIC – [from Wikipedia]

Chutney music is a form indigenous to the southern Caribbean, popular in Guyana,Trinidad and Suriname. It derives elements from traditional Indian music and popularTrinidadian Soca music.


This contemporary fusion of genres was created by Indo-Caribbean people whose ancestors were from BiharUttar PradeshBengal and the South Indian area around Madras. They were taken as indentured servants by the British to replace laborers on sugar plantations after emancipation. Chutney music was established in the 1940s within temples, wedding houses, and cane fields of the Indo-Caribbean.

There were no recordings until 1958, when Ramdew Chaitoe of Suriname, a small country in South America, recorded an early rendition of chutney music. The album was entitled King of Suriname and all of the songs were religious in nature. However, Chaitoe soon became a household name with East Indians not just in Suriname but throughout the Caribbean.     Continue reading