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Guyanese prepared foods and fruits in pictures + video

Guyanese foods-01

Star Fruit ,gooseberries, golden apples and mango

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Media refuse to accept biased distribution of radio licences

Media refuse to accept biased distribution of radio licences

MARCH 18, 2013 | BY KNEWS |

…Press Association calls for overseas intervention

Revelations that former President Bharrat Jagdeo farmed out radio and television licences to his friends and others close to the government just before the last elections have sparked widespread concerns and a statement of defiance from privately-owned media houses.

Yesterday, the Guyana Media Proprietors Association (GMPA) and Guyana Press Association (GPA) issued statements calling for an immediate reversal of the allocations.
Several private media houses and personalities who had applied for licences and are seen as critics of the government were bypassed by Jagdeo. The former President approved the licences as Minister of Information shortly before his constitutional term in office ended in November, 2011.  [read more]

A case of presidential deception

MARCH 16, 2013 | BY  |  EDITORIAL

When a president takes the oath of office he pledges to serve all the people of Guyana regardless of race, creed, colour or political affiliation. He then proceeds to administer the business of state, in the process making decisions that would impact the nation.

However, recent events seem to show that Guyana’s last president, Bharrat Jagdeo, failed to honour that pledge. Certain events seem to reveal a self-serving and selfish, almost dictatorial attitude. One is forced to reach this conclusion when one examines his release of radio frequencies to fulfill a promise he had made shortly before he demitted office.
Before the release of the radio frequencies there had been a rash of people scrambling to acquire frequencies for television broadcasts. The first of these was Anthony Vieira, the man credited with introducing television to Guyana. Others followed and they proceeded to allocate to themselves those frequencies that were available. [read more]

No meaningful discussions on the budget – letter by Carl Greenidge

Minister Singh never sought to have meaningful discussions on the budget

Posted By Staff Writer On March 17, 2013   In Letters | by CARL GREENIDGE

Dear Editor,

I have noted the spate of reports in the press apportioning blame for the stalled tripartite 2013 Budget talks. Dr Singh in his GINA statement of March 11th (and carried in ‘i-news’) has correctly indicated that I notified him that February 28th would not be convenient for the next meeting. His statement was however incomplete and deliberately misleading. My two pieces of communication to him made three points: first, the date he proposed clashed with the scheduled meeting of the Public Accounts Committee. That standing arrangement should have been known to him.

Secondly, we needed additional time to reproduce and read the pile of documents he provided. There were over 100 pages including tables.        [Read More]

Blame sharing on budget talks re 2013 Budget

Blame sharing on budget talks

Posted By Staff Writer On March 18, 2013 @ |  Comments

Leader of the Opposition David Granger yesterday said that APNU is still open to talks with the Government on the 2013 budget even though it does not believe that anything could come out of them at this late hour and dismissed the notion – reiterated again yesterday by Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh – that the Opposition was to blame for stalled discussions.

Ashni Singh

Dr Ashni Singh

And Granger brushed off reports of strife within the grouping as hinted at by a letter from APNU member Carl Greenidge in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek, saying that there is a well established shadow Cabinet mechanism which means that the process does not have to wait on one man.

In his letter,  Greenidge said that Government was insincere in its approach to the talks. He also lashed out at the behaviour of unnamed members of the PNC for aiding a campaign of untruths against him. His letter followed statements from Minister of Finance  Singh in the media a week earlier stating that he had been waiting since the end of last month for a follow-up meeting to be scheduled between the government and opposition.     Continue reading