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Radio and TV licenses have been haphazard for over two decades – PM Hinds

Frequency Assignments in Guyana have been haphazard for over two decades

(CAPITOL NEWS)  14 March 2013- The Guyana Government has virtually admitted that it has copped the Frequency Spectrum in the country for itself and a few others including a company that printed the Mirror. The Prime Minister, Sam Hinds, in a written response to questions raised by AFC, MP Cathy Hughes, has admitted that only in the last ten years were frequency assignments more reflective of what transpired in that period.

The response by the Prime Minister illustrates a haphazard approach to the development of the electromagnetic spectrum over the years. The Prime Minister’s response did not indicate a clear plan for investors (other than for the State itself and a few others) in radio, television and cable services, to grow and develop throughout the length and breadth of Guyana.   Continue reading

Researchers link Superstorm Sandy to severe Arctic ice loss

Researchers link Superstorm Sandy to severe Arctic ice loss

Sandy Image

Hurricane Sandy – caused by Arctic Meltdown due to  Global Warming

NEW YORK, United States, Tuesday March 12, 2013 – While many believe that last October’s disastrous Superstorm Sandy was a freak of nature, a team of Cornell and Rutgers researchers have other ideas.

In the March issue of Oceanography, the scientists report that the severe loss of summertime Arctic sea ice — attributed to greenhouse warming — appears to enhance Northern Hemisphere jet stream meandering, intensify Arctic air mass invasions toward middle latitudes, and increase the frequency of atmospheric blocking events like the one that steered Hurricane Sandy west into the densely populated New York City area.    Continue reading

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