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Guyana Passport Renewals – Los Angeles, CA. USA

Guyana Passport Renewals – Los Angeles, CA. USA

From: Joseph DOliveira <jdoliveira@sbcglobal.net>

Subject: Passport Renewals

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 10:00 PM

Embassy officials will be in Los Angeles the weekend of April 20-21 to take your applications for renewal of passports.  Please circulate the information to your friends and family.You may contact me for location to bring your documents.

(310) 768-0014 or (310) 320-8955.

Joe D’Oliveira

Sluice Gate Collapses and inundates Kingston Georgetown- March 12, 2013 – videos + updates

Engineers work feverishly to repiar broken Koker wich inundated the Kingston area – 13th Mar 2013 – video update

Sluice Gate Collapses and inundates Kingston Georgetown – March 12, 2013 video

CapitolNews – March 12,2013 – Water poured into the Canals, drains and gutters and reached into yards as a Koker collapsed under the strain of pounding High Tides this afternoon. The vulnerable Koker or sluice gates of the Kingston Ward of Georgetown, have been under pressure recently resulting in flooding in that part of the city over the last few months.

This afternoon, it came crashing down inundating not only that Ward of Georgetown, but water was seen pouring into North Cummingsburg, that houses the Prime Minister’s residence, State House, the President’s residence and the offices of the British High Commission among other businesses.

The Kingstown Ward has the Pegasus Hotel, the site of the controversial Marriott Hotel construction complex and offices of DDL, GBTI and the headquarters of the Police and Digicel among others.            Continue reading

The Guyana Story – From Earliest Times to Independence by Odeen Ishmael

The Guyana Story – From Earliest Times to Independence by Odeen Ishmael

Picture3 Author Odeen Ishmael Pens Guyana History and its Rich Heritage

New book follows the Guyana history from the period of European colonization to its attainment of independence

By knowing about the past, people will be in a better position to understand and appreciate the present. Author Odeen Ishmael presents the progression of Guyana history and development through his valuable publication, The Guyana Story. It features the earliest times to Independence, tracing the country’s history from thousands of years ago when the first Amerindian groups began their settlement in the Guyana territory.

The book examines the period of early European exploration leading to Dutch colonization and the forcible introduction of African slaves to work on cotton and sugar plantations. It also scrutinizes the effects of European wars, and the final ceding of the territory to the British who ruled it as their colony until they finally granted it independence in 1966.   [New Book- The Guyana Story – Odeen Ishmael]

“The 1980 Guyana Constitution is Illegal” – Lionel Peters

“The 1980 Guyana Constitution is Illegal” – Lionel Peters

Dear Editor,

The Constitution of one’s country is sacred and paramount
And ought to, should be and must be … upheld, observed and supported in every way by all its subjects.
It is treasonous to defy your country’s constitution for it represents the “The Holy Grail of everything Guyanese”.

The current document that is presented to us as a Constitution was promulgated through a referendum in 1978 that was massively fraudulent.

We as Guyanese, all know the truth of that exercise to get the consent, rejection in that vote for the House/Mouse in 1977/78. The nation did not entertain the proposal by the PNC/Burnham undemocratic regime to perpetuate themselves upon the Guyanese nation. We were already living under the “Declaration of Sophia” and the “Paramountcy of the Party” which in itself were the products of very fraudulent elections in 1968 and 1973.     Continue reading

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