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Shanghai love market -video

Shanghai love market

[VIMEO Video – click link at the end, to view]Shanghai Love Market

In January 2013, Flickerfest 2013 premiered a short film written and directed by Sydney, Australia creative Craig Rosenthal at Bondi Pavilion as part of Best Australian shorts program.

Rosenthal, currently freelancing at Droga5, wrote Shanghai Love Market after stumbling across a park in Shanghai where anxious parents string up posters trying to find the perfect match for their kids.  Continue reading

THE HUSBAND – jokes + Mighty Sparrow: “Lying Excuses”


Comment: Cute song…

This following jokes were sent in by a reader.  Comments are from another friend.


Every Wife is a “Mistress” for her Husband.

“Miss” for one hour & “Stress” for the remaining 23 hours!

Comment: I don’t know about this one?

There are 2 times when a Man doesn’t understand a Woman.

Before Marriage and After Marriage.

Comment: Yupper!!!
My Husband And I Divorced Over Religious Differences.             
He Thought He Was God, and I didn’t.
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“Hey Jude” – Trafalgar Square London – Karaoke style video

“Hey Jude” – Trafalgar Square. London-  video

The Beatles forever – this is great, even a Trini flag.

If you look carefully towards the end you may see a Guyana Flag too.

This happened in Trafalgar Square, London.

Customers received a cell phone message telling them to go to the Square on a certain date and the hour, no more.
Mics were handed out and they all (over 1 million ) began to sing Karaoke style.

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