MAKING MUSIC by Ron Persaud

LEAF FLUTE VIDEO – playing music with a leaf

 MAKING MUSIC by Ron Persaud

Here is an interesting quote lifted from Wikipedia.
 “Making music
Stringing a plant’s leaf or a piece of paper over one side of the comb and
humming with cropped lips on the opposite side dramatically increases the
high-frequency harmonic content of the hum produced by the human voice box, and
the resulting spread sound spectrum can be modulated by changing the resonating
frequency of the oral cavity.               

This was the inspiration for the kazoo. Moreover, the comb is also a
lamellophone. Comb teeth have harmonic qualities of their own, determined by
their shape, length, and material. A comb with teeth of unequal length, capable
of producing different notes when picked, eventually evolved into the thumb
piano and musical box.”

Yes ….. I remember doing a similar thing with the “cigarette leaf” paper from a
pack of “Lighthouse” cigarettes on the back of a pocket comb.

Tortoise shell combs were best. I remember a street performer on Lombard Street
leading on the “comb” and accompanying himself on a banjo. He had cleverly
attached the ‘lead instrument’ on the head of the banjo.

PS. And yes, the “silver paper” from the cigarette box made for a more desirable timbre; but this part of the packaging was precious to my younger sisters for making “finger rings” and silver teeth. The ‘slide out’ cardboard part could be folded to make a ‘toy gun’ (a boys’ thing) and the outer cardboard wrap could be cut into four equal sections and these fitted together to form a cross. The design could be enlarged indefinitely; but generally we made a doormat. My father would have smoked the twelve unfiltered cigarettes to an ‘end’ that would make an oncologist cringe.

Typing this has reminded me of classes in “pig husbandry”. Everything from the pig is utilized …except the squeal!

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