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MAKING MUSIC by Ron Persaud

LEAF FLUTE VIDEO – playing music with a leaf

 MAKING MUSIC by Ron Persaud

Here is an interesting quote lifted from Wikipedia.
 “Making music
Stringing a plant’s leaf or a piece of paper over one side of the comb and
humming with cropped lips on the opposite side dramatically increases the
high-frequency harmonic content of the hum produced by the human voice box, and
the resulting spread sound spectrum can be modulated by changing the resonating
frequency of the oral cavity.                Continue reading

Workers’ Woes in Brazil – Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Bus Strike in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - March 2013Bus strike in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, affects 3 million people – 1 March 2013  Source: noticias.bol.uol.com.br


As a non-union worker and mother of two school-age children, I resented bus drivers and conductors when they went on strike. Like other workers who depended on public transport to get to work and get our children to school, I had to suffer the consequences of their collective action for better wages and working conditions. What about my right to get to work?

As an import-export manager, strikes at the ports posed other hassles. When dock workers or customs officials went on strike, import and export goods sat at the port awaiting clearance or shipment. Didn’t they care that they were affecting businesses and other workers?

Brazilian Dock Workers on Strike - Santos Port - Sao Paulo30 Thousand dock workers at Brazilian ports strike in protest against MP 595  22 February 2013 – São Paulo – Brazil

While I resented and complained…

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