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Is the PPP now into Censorship? by Ralph Seeram


MARCH 3, 2013 | BY  | By Ralph Seeram

The phone calls were coming in from powerful people of the day, some abusive, some threatening and some accusing me of being an “enemy of the state”.

The term “enemy of the state” was used against persons who criticized the then PNC government, or took any action that appeared to make the government look bad. It was in the seventies, the height of PNC power where criticizing the PNC meant losing your job.

So what was it that caused the higher up in the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Police force and senior PNC officials to harass me on the phone? I was then working for the then state owned Guyana Broadcasting Service in Berbice, I filed a story that a GDF officer and two of his colleagues were charged for transporting flour, a banned item at the time.    Continue reading

Eddy Grant – the Ringbang man and a national icon is a ‘Special Person’

Eddy Grant – the Ringbang man and a national icon is a ‘Special Person’

 MARCH 3, 2013 | BY KNEWS |  By Adam Harris

Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant

“All of us have thought that to be inclusive is best. One needs to be oneself. It is only when you are these things that you become truly valuable to yourself and to the world.”

He is undoubtedly Guyana’s most famous artiste. He has soared to the heights of the music world and today he is an icon. He may not appear as active in the music world, simply because he works at his own pace and engages in other music business endeavours rather than churning out albums as others do, but he is nevertheless as influential as at any time in his very long and distinguished career.

He was the hottest thing in London after the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the dazzling performer on South African stage and the only Guyanese whose music was to form a question on the American television programme, Jeopardy. He is also the father of the Barbadian music industry and today his company controls a significant part of Trinidad and Tobago’s musical output.

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