Rohee Gag order lifted by Speaker Raphael Trotman – video

Rohee Gag order lifted by Speaker Raphael Trotman

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, has spoken definitely on whether Rohee could speak. He said, it was a simple matter that the National Assembly made complex. Rohee will speak and will be accorded all the rights of an elected Member and Minister and he so ruled. Trotman believes that this is the correct course of action to take.   

The Speaker declared that his decision took into consideration the Constitution, the ruling by Chief Justice Ian Chang, the Parliamentary Standing Orders and the advice and practice of legal and parliamentary practitioners locally and abroad.

The opposition had used its majority to pass a no-confidence motion against the Minister following last year’s shooting deaths of three Linden Protestors. The opposition members were of the opinion that since the majority expressed no confidence in Rohee and the Government refused to remove him as a Minister then he should not address the House in that capacity.

The Government expressed its disapproval of the opposition’s position and moved to the court. Chief Justice Ian Chang ruled that Rohee can speak since he was also elected by constituents to represent them and just as a citizen he had that right to address the house

—– Guyanese Online Post # 2420

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