New Year Reflections and Wishes – By Eusi Kwayana

New Year Reflections and Wishes

By Eusi Kwayana

May the New Year bring new efforts to allow the Guyanese people to achieve what we deserve. When a religious personage of the Hindu faith, Swami Aksharanda, recently addressed the broad Hindu community in the context of a festival, he spoke prophetic words. He called on men to respect ALL WOMEN. If every religious faith called on its men to respect ALL WOMEN, there would be a chance of growing respect for all women. That would be the beginning of a great change.

 I am personally grateful for all support in many non-political ways from ordinary Guyanese wherever I happen to be. In particular they organised to help sell my modest books. Their support was given whether they agreed with my views or not. To the extent I have the capacity to give back in return, I do freely volunteer my time and services where I am, though it is not home. 

I admire and support morally those at home, in Guyana, and many abroad who are doing things to improve education and win simple rights. Salutations to all who struggle with non-violence and firmness.

Is This Not History?

There is one VITAL issue not getting the attention it deserves, or any attention. I say this with respect and understanding, but also with disappointment. On November 28, 2011, Guyanese voters did a great thing. They voted in such a way that no one had to be on top and no one had to be put down! One List, (PPP/C), won the post of President with less than 50 percent of the votes and got 32 seats in the National Assembly. Two other lists together won a majority of the National Assembly (33 seats) with just more than 50 percent of the votes. What we have here was a recipe  for unified governance that came directly from the electorate, the voters, and with their   expressed authority.

Where do we look for what to do? It is the politics of government so we look to the Constitution, not to any one party’s dreams. November 18,2011 was made possible by Proportional Representation–those who introduced it, and those who opposed and then accepted it, and those who worked under it. All took part! All sides deserve credit.

To Heal or Not to Heal

The President within six days of his election under the Constitution ignored his clear constitutional power and chance, not to heal, but to begin to heal the nation. No one has said that this is an unfair or false claim. The President chose a government that excludes a little more than half the voters. Since World War II the whole international standard of government is tested by Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) as a minimum standard. Article 9 of the Guyana Constitution says that sovereignty belongs to the people who exercise it through elected representatives.

This is a chance for political healing. If we do not want political healing, what do we want? Those who think that political healing will take the sting out of politics forget that Guyana has had 60 years of sting!


Before 2011, many citizens put forward ideas, with good intentions, for putting an end to one-party rule. A few of us did so some fifty years ago and were seen as a lunatic fringe.  Dr Jagan publicly (1977) and Mr Burnham privately (1985) put forward their formal ideas. The WPA put forward some in 1979 and again, as the two other parties present did, at a TUC all party symposium in 1984. The TUC had loyally put some proposals to a Constituent Assembly. In 2009 Dr Judaman Seecoomar published a second book on the subject. Mr Kampta Karran edited many publications on the matter. A group of political thinkers, ROAR, has suggested a federation. In 2010 Dr Bertrand Ramcharan published a book with proposals for discussion of national cohesion and a national strategy. Others saw no need for these concerns.

A Sovereign People Spoke with their Ballots

November 28, 2011 was nobody’s “brainchild.” The beauty of it is that it is some- thing given to us by people acting rather freely in defence of their own interests. Your support will be welcome. If life and health permit, whether alone or with others, I hope to find out whether the Lists of the 2011 elections have turned their backs on the historical creation that the people, supporters of these three Lists, made with their ballots.

Walk good!

Eusi Kwayana                                     Jan 25, 2013

Footnote: Walk good! is a very Guyanese parting expression in creole. Our elders of all races on the coast on parting said it to the one leaving. My age group took it up and used it. It must have come out of our need and experience. It means: go in safety; don’t get hit; I wish you the best. It also means: do the right thing.     

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  • de castro  On 02/05/2013 at 7:13 am

    Words of wisdom are seldom rehearsed or edited.
    CONGRATULATIONS “old man” with young heart of gold.

    may you live forever in the minds and hearts of all GUYANESE wherever they are….I salute and echo your call for UNITY it is STRENGTH.

    Every word you wrote was read with passion and belief….we must believe in ourselves first and formost then others will believe in us….as night follows day.

    Bless your words of wisdom


  • Ron. Persaud  On 02/06/2013 at 12:40 am

    There was the companion expression, “Stan’ good!” which I like better since it has the connotation of stamina.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 02/06/2013 at 10:42 am

    We must actively promote the Ideas of a national Front Government and National Unity will one day become a Reality. No one except the MacMillian Government in UK thought of PR as a possible solution to the Race relations in British Guiana in 1962 but they imposed it on us and today we accept it as our method of choice for choosing our Governing authority. God Bless Guyana. Change can only come to Guyana if and when the people are ready for the change.

  • kamptan  On 02/06/2013 at 3:14 pm

    McMillian suspension of GUYANA s constitution was instigated by US president (irish dynasty) John Fitzerland KENNEDY….the CUBAN missile crisis was very much in the news…Kennedy did not wish another satalite of RUSSIA on mainland Latin America …so he instructed Mc Millan to suspend the constitution
    after CHEDDI was democratically elected as PM (premier) of GUYANA.

    Troops (black watch) were dispatched to GUYANA but by the time they arrived Georgetown was ablase….we were burning the BRITISH (union jack) in GT
    in protest at the suspension of our constitution…and troop invasion…

    the rest is history…

    we were the embryo of revolution …. today we live to tell the story.

    GUYANAS history is being re-written by the vanquished…
    my twin brother and many of his followers including myself
    were despatched/migrated to UK just before the immigratrion bill was passed in UK Parliament…I went immediately into the UK RAF my brother re-migrated to CANADA with his ENGLISH wife and daughter later….

    We were all lucky to have left GUYANA before the RACE RIOTS and CIVIL WAR
    …a result of a decision made by mcmillian instigated by kennedy…

    An incorrect decision by the political class can have dire consequences on its future generations…hence my emphasis of focusing on the next generations of GUYANA…the youthful resources/pupils must be encouraged to remain and serve their country…with pride dignity and integrity.

    forever the optimist

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