Attention needed for the depressed community of Albouystown – video


Community Development Councillor thinks more attention should be placed on the depressed community of Albouystown 

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 05:02 PM PST Capitol NewsAlbouystown, which has produced some of Guyana’s outstanding scholars and athletes has been one of the beleaguered communities left in the dark for over a decade by the authorities according to Executive member of the South Georgetown Development Council, Michael Goodman. Goodman said, that the community has been put on the back burner by both the Central Government and the Municipality.

The area is prone to crime, coupled with poor drainage, joblessness, and poor living conditions. President of the neighborhood council, Heston Bostwick, said, the focus of his executive, is to work with the lawmen to ensure that they conduct themselves in a professional manner.

The new body is hoping to conduct several fund raising exercises and is hoping to get the support of corporate Guyana to restore the image of the community.

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