Granger wants mining operations suspended until appeal is heard – video

Opposition Leader David Granger wants mining operations suspended until appeal is heard

January 23, 2013 – Capitol News  –  Opposition Leader David Granger says, that the Administration should go back to the drawing board on the Amerindian Act. Granger believes that mining operations in the disputed area should be put on hold until the appeal is heard.

Granger also thinks that the Government’s approach in addressing the ongoing dispute between the mining community and the Amerindian village is part of  the problem.

The APNU Leader noted that with the boom in the mining sector, free, prior and informed consent is needed with the community leaders.  He said that the high court ruling was an insult to the things the Amerindian people have been fighting for,  over the years.

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  • compton de castro  On 01/30/2013 at 8:52 am

    I support David Granger approach…POWER to the PEOPLE whose lives/livlyhood are being threatened…
    if legislation is unclear I can see many law suits setlements / awards being
    decided by the courts at a later date…the “maoris” of new zealand are being compensated “big time” for the confiscation of lands by their “colonisers”
    OZ is also having to settle compensation claims by the aboriginals..

    KARMA (what goes arround comes arround)

    one reason why I support a “land reformation” …not only GUYANA and its neighbours..but internationally/world wide.

    I am no “revolutionary” or “nationalist” but land must be fairly distributed to
    encourage development…
    French revolution comes to mind… was taken away from the
    previous owners and distributed to the masses after revolution and removal of their ROYALS…unlike Russia where the TSARS were “excuted” by firing squad.
    In portugal their Royals fled to BRAZIL making it the capital of portugal.
    we can only learn from the mistakes of history….repeating them at our peril.

    Land reformation means it is distributed fairly with the condition that if you do not “use it you loose” it………..

    Unlike the religious reformation …HENRY VIII opposed ROME dividing Christianity..he wished to re-marry…land reformation will unite the people.
    Historical mistakes not only teaches fools it should never be repeated.

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