AFC wants Police Probe into procurements awarded to the New GPC

Alliance For Change wants Police Probe into procurements contract awarded to the New GPC

Capitol News – 17 January 2013-   The blatant delay in the appointment of Commissioners to the Procurement Commission by the Donald Ramotar Administration, is not sitting well with opposition party, the Alliance For Change (AFC).  The AFC holds seven seats in the National Assembly.

Chairman of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan says, in the absence of such a body to have oversight of the Government contracts, it’s the perfect recipe for fraudulent activities.  

Ramjattan pointed to the last report of the Auditor General, which highlighted several malpractices, such as, the over purchasing of pharmaceuticals, the non-delivery, and also the dumping of waste items, emanating from the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Now, the party wants an investigation by the Criminal Investigating Department, in the matter.

The Auditor General report also found that more than 1.2 billion dollars in contracts were awarded to the New GPC, using sole sourcing, rather than a competitive bidding process in the past.

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