AFC wants NCN financial probe to be made public

AFC pushes for NCN financial probe to be made public 

10 Jan 2013 04:12 PM PST – Capitol News

As the Government continues to play the silent role in the findings in the NCN financial probe, the Alliance for Change is pushing for the document to be made public.  The auditors were called in after it was discovered that the CEO and the production manager were involved in financial irregularities that are not in keeping with the company polices.  

Cathy Hughes, executive member of the party and Member of Parliament said the AFC has being asking for the report to be made public for a while now.

The CEO Fuzzy Sattuar was forced to resign while the production manager Martin Goolsoran was sent on leave pending the outcome of the probe….   That was several months ago.

The combined opposition voted to reduce NCN 81 million dollar budget to a dollar.

In the views of the opposition taxpayer’s fund NCN therefore; citizens must not be subjected to PPP Government propaganda on national network. The opposition members are  contending that their views are not carried by NCN. Coverage of national events does not include opinions, thoughts, ideas or any form of constructive criticism by members of the opposition.

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