APNU wants Ramotar administration to honour Linden agreement

APNU wants Ramotar administration to honour Linden agreement

December 28 2012 – Capitol News – The Opposition grouping, A Partnership for National Unity, wants the Donald Ramotar administration to honour its commitments to the agreement signed with officials of Region 10 in August, that paved the way for the ending of the protest action in the mining town.

Region 10 officials have been complaining bitterly about the sloth at which much of the work to address the concerns of the Lindeners has been moving. A number of committees that came out of the agreement are still to begin their work.  

APNU makes it clear that it remains supportive of the Regional Chairman and has been lending him support.

The Region 10 chairman has said the patience of the linden people is running thin, since the Government appears to be looking for avenues out of the agreement and frustrating the process. The Government has said very little on the claims of Solomon.,

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  • Gloria Y  On 12/30/2012 at 9:32 pm

    The Ramotar Government is clear about one thing. It has little or no respect for the Guyanese community, other than those Guyanese who support them. The Ramotar government has not shown that it is a government of, for, and by the people. Where their loyalties lie could not be clearer, and this is as dehumanizing as it is disgraceful for elected government officials to be seen as selective of which sector of the community it will represent and which it will not. No wonder the level of discontent and dissatisfaction among Guyanese. Where is their commitment to improving the lives of ALL Guyanese? Lindeners ought to keep up the pressure and bring their plight to the attention of the world. Where is your humanity Mr Ramotar? There is something known as doing what is right even if it is for love of country and your fellow counrymen.

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