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The Magnificent Essequibo River – by MG Joe G Singh


The Magnificent Essequibo River

by  Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh

Guyana, Land of Many Waters, owes its name to the abundance of rivers, tributaries, creeks, and wetlands. These along with the man-made canals have made and will continue to make an enormous   impact on the development of Guyana and its people.

Rivers are natural arteries for movement and the establishment of early human settlements thousands of years ago on their banks and tributaries, provided the First Peoples of Guyana – the Amerindians, with the food security and means of communicating among themselves for trade and socialisation.           Continue reading

Tribute to Past Guyanese Teachers (cont’d) – By Lear Matthews

Back to School: Continuing the Tribute to Past Guyanese Teachers

By: Lear Matthews

History is not was, but reflected in what is (Anonymous)

My introduction to formal education at Susamachar’s, a kindergarten church school at  the corner of South Road and Light Street, Georgetown included writing with a slate pencil, repeatedly “rubbing out”  mistakes, sometimes with spit on my finger tips, mostly due to lack of confidence.  My brother attended Teacher Georgie School on Princess Street. I then went on to Primary School, where I was introduced to the lead pencil and eraser, exercise book, big cursive (“join-up”) writing and the “wild cane.”  Discipline re-enforced.  By Third Standard I was using a fountain pen with a fine-tip “nib”, and doing plenty sums, although my penmanship left much to be desired.    Continue reading