GCA of New York – December 2012 Magazine

GCA December 2012 Magazine

Download Magazine:  DECEMBER_2012_GCA MAGAZINE_

PAGE 3: Masquerade Mural
PAGE 4: Dray Cyart and serious Gyaff
PAGE 6: Yesterday the Elders
PAGE 8-9: Flounce Off at Victoria Village
PAGE -10-11: Masquerade Sweet Suite
PAGE 12-13: Reviving the Maskarade Tradition
PAGE 15: Christmas Masquerade at Rosignol
PAGE 16: Happy Holidays by The Four Lords
PAGE 18-19: Caroling at Christmas
PAGE 20-21: Spencer Richards
PAGE 22-23: Shanice Hodge
PAGE 24-25: Trevin Hunte
PAGE -26: Tribute to past Guyanese Teachers
PAGE 28: Coping in the aftermath of Sandy
PAGE 29-31: Pamela Maynard, Trenton Mack, Jan Carew

Ave Brewster-Haynes – December Editor

Download Magazine:  DECEMBER_2012_GCA MAGAZINE_

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