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GCA of New York – December 2012 Magazine

GCA December 2012 Magazine

Download Magazine:  DECEMBER_2012_GCA MAGAZINE_

PAGE 3: Masquerade Mural
PAGE 4: Dray Cyart and serious Gyaff
PAGE 6: Yesterday the Elders
PAGE 8-9: Flounce Off at Victoria Village
PAGE -10-11: Masquerade Sweet Suite
PAGE 12-13: Reviving the Maskarade Tradition
PAGE 15: Christmas Masquerade at Rosignol
PAGE 16: Happy Holidays by The Four Lords
PAGE 18-19: Caroling at Christmas
PAGE 20-21: Spencer Richards
PAGE 22-23: Shanice Hodge
PAGE 24-25: Trevin Hunte
PAGE -26: Tribute to past Guyanese Teachers
PAGE 28: Coping in the aftermath of Sandy
PAGE 29-31: Pamela Maynard, Trenton Mack, Jan Carew

Ave Brewster-Haynes – December Editor

Download Magazine:  DECEMBER_2012_GCA MAGAZINE_

The Magic of Christmas – Rosaliene Bacchus

A Merry Christmas to everyone.
Thanks to Rosaliene Bacchus for her blog entry, which brings back many memories of Christmas in Guyana.

Three Worlds One Vision

Christmas StarThe Christmas Star

For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him. Matthew 2:2


Our Christmas traditions demand a flurry of activities, some of which can be quite stressful. This year, I stayed clear of the frenzy at the shopping mall. My yearly gift-buying spree ended when the American economy crumbled in August 2008. Since my adult sons no longer believe in Santa Claus, I only put up a Christmas tree and decorations when my spirit craves the festivities.

When my siblings and I were kids, our mother did not put up the Christmas tree and decorations until Christmas Eve Night after we were all asleep. It was a magical moment to wake up on Christmas morning to find a tree with presents stacked beneath it.

In the United States, some homeowners go all out in decorating the exterior of their homes and yards…

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