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Violence in America – By Hubert Williams

Dear Cyril:

As I feared in my article “Violence in America”  published five months ago (see article below), both candidates – President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney – avoided any serious discussion of the critical problem of gun violence/control in the United States during campaigning for the November 6 Presidential Elections…. And, sad to say, the present horror in Newtown, Connecticut, again brings widespread remorse, but will most certainly be repeated….because a more strident voice will rise in defence of Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms, than for the protection of innocent children. Yes… as I reminded in the article, violence is as American as cherry pie.

My reading of the elements of this latest and very distressing massacre suggests it is a disastrous climax to a long festering domestic difficulty… so, a son not only ends his mother’s life but also exacts vengeance on that upon which he felt, very likely mistakenly, she was lavishing greater affection, time and attention than it was his right to expect at home, to the children in her class at school. He not only destroyed her, but also destroyed those towards whom his mindless jealousy told him she showed greater love.  So often, so much in life is just a matter of perception.

Just imagine… someone so warped can walk into a store in the United States of America and purchase assault and other weapons of death just as easily as I can walk into a candy store next door and purchase a bar of Cadbury’s Whole Nut Chocolate.

  Violence in America  – pub July 27, 2012

   By  Hubert Williams                  Continue reading

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