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Why ignore Cuba’s welcome mat?

Why ignore Cuba’s welcome mat?

By Sir Ronald Sanders 

Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba

CARICOM businesses could be a real part of a bustling Cuban market of 11 million people in the future says Sir Ronald Sanders

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday December 13, 2012 – Cuba has long been an economic, trade and investment opportunity that has been neglected by the 15-nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries.  This neglect could become a matter of grave regret as Cuba continues to open up its economy to other countries and groups of countries, for by the time businesses in the CARICOM countries wake up to the opportunities Cuba offers, companies from Europe, Canada and Latin America might already have filled the space.    Continue reading

The Capybara or ‘Watrush’

The Capybara or ‘Watrush’

Posted By Stabroek staff On September 9, 2012  Iwokrama

The Capybara or ‘Watrush’ as it’s known in Guyana is the largest rodent in the world.  It’s scientific name, Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris, means ‘water horse,’ an apt name as they are almost always found near water and have specially adapted partially webbed paws with which give them a distinctive star shaped footprint.

Capybara have heavy, barrel-shaped bodies, with a large, rectangular-shaped heads.  Their eyes are small with their ears set high on their head.  They grow up to 4 feet in length and typically weigh 77 to 150 lbs.  They are a uniform tan or yellowish brown with short fur and from a distance, resemble an overgrown Guinea Pig.     Continue reading

Eusi Kwayana’s Letter to the Editor to newspapers in Guyana

Eusi Kwayana’s Letter to the Editor to newspapers in Guyana:

Dear Editor,

Mr. Sultan Mohammed published a letter in the Guyana Chronicle on Tuesday, December 11th, apparently taking on Dr. Clive Thomas’s analysis of the sugar industry. I do not know why Mr. Sultan Mohamed thinks it is such a shocking failure that I was not able to prevent the assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney.  Now he adds Dr Clive Thomas and charges him with the same failure.

Let me turn his own logic back on him. We are dealing with a universal thing here, struggle, constancy and assassination.  These are not Guyanese things. So he would argue that Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was no good because he was not able, with all the army under his command, to prevent the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.  Or is that case different. Because they were not Africans?       Continue reading