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EZjet Updates – December 2012 – 2 videos

EZ Jet’s Guyana Operations Manager makes it clear that there is no coming back … – 13th Dec 2012

FBI arrests EZ Jet CEO in connection with a US $20 Million payroll tax fraud scheme – 13th Dec 2012   Continue reading

Georgetown cleanup – Adding insult to injury

Adding insult to injury

Stabroek staff– December 13, 2012 – Editorial |  Comments

It is bad enough that for more than two decades, residents of and visitors to Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, have had their senses assaulted by the sight and smell of garbage. Piles and piles of it, thrown just about anywhere and left sometimes for weeks at a time.

Worse, residents have had their yards, and often, their homes flooded after the slightest drizzle of rain, causing damage to costly furniture and appliances, because drains, canals and alleyways are clogged with thick mud, riotously growing vegetation, which almost seems as if it has been fed with Miracle Gro and again, garbage – plastic bags, bottles and cups and cardboard and styrofoam boxes.     Continue reading

Lord Kitchener – top tracks – 60 videos – autoplay

Lord Kitchener – top tracks – 60 videos – autoplay

We added this one for the Christmas season:

Lord Kitchener Drink A rum… is Christmas morning

Oldies selection – 26 music videos – autoplay

Oldies selection – 26 music videos – autoplay

— Guyanese online Post #2200

Tribute to Jan Carew – from Peepal Tree Press

Tribute to Jan Carew – from Peepal Tree Press


This month’s newsletter from the editor.

As many followers of Caribbean writing will already know, the region has lost one of its grand old men, the novelist, poet, dramatist, painter, intellectual and political activist, Jan Carew, who died on the 5th of December at the age of 92. His passing will no doubt be a grievous loss to his family, but they will comfort themselves with the thought that he achieved more in a long life than the rest of us can dream of. Our condolences to his widow, Joy.  Continue reading

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