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FBI arrests EZJet boss Sonny Ramdeo

FBI arrests EZJet boss Sonny Ramdeo

Demerara Waves – December 13, 2012

ezjet-Sonny Ramdeo

EZJet’s Sonny Ramdeo with microphone

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of EzJet Airline, Sonny Ramdeo has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in connection with an alleged US$20 million payroll fraud.

Following his arrest in Brooklyn on Wednesday, he made his initial court appearance in a Federal Court in the Eastern Distrtict of New York. The FBI said in a statement that he is expected to be removed to the Southern District of Florida to answer a series of charges.

US authorities announced the unsealing of a December 6, 2012 indictment charging Ramdeo, 35, of Sunrise, with wire fraud in connection with a $20 million federal payroll tax fraud scheme.  Continue reading

UG Council approves Dr Opadeyi as New Vice Chancellor

UG Council approves Dr Opadeyi as New Vice Chancellor

DECEMBER 13, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

Dr Jacob Opadeyi

Dr Jacob Opadeyi

Nigerian-born Dr Jacob Opadeyi has been officially named Vice Chancellor to the University of Guyana. The announcement came after a Council meeting at the University yesterday which saw the Trinidad-based lecturer being approved at the level of the Council for the high-profile position.

Since Friday December 7, a Search Committee had identified Dr Opadeyi as the best suited candidate for the post from a list of four who were shortlisted.        Continue reading

New York-based group helping to revive Guyana’s masquerade

New York-based group helping to revive Guyana’s masquerade

Demerara Waves – Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Culture Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony flanked by GCA’s Dr. Vibart Cambridge and his association colleague, Dr. Juliet Emmanuel.

The New York-based Guyana Cultural Association (GCA) with the ringing endorsement of the Culture Ministry hopes to begin breathing new life into the dying art form of masquerade.

Culture Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony hoped that the December 13-17 programme of events titled “Masquerade Lives” would help revive interest in the dance of African origin. “We feel that this work is going to set that tone and perhaps set that context for people to see masquerade… don’t see it as a nuisance,” he told a news conference.                Continue reading

After Chávez – commentary

After Chávez


Pres. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

Posted By Stabroek staff On December 11, 2012 – Editorial | 

The end of protracted political regimes under the control of powerful, strong-willed rulers and driven by cults of personality are almost always attended by succession struggles. Who governs once the maximum leader is gone is almost always a matter of complexity and strife both within the ruling clique to which the ruler belongs and amongst the forces comprising the political opposition.

Sometimes, the consequences of such succession struggles for the nation in question can be serious, to say the least. Venezuela, it seems, may be confronted with just such a scenario.   Continue reading

Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre seeks support

Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre seeks support


Preparing meals for more than sixty children on a four hob gas stove is becoming extremely difficult for those at the Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre (RCAC), thus, the administration is making a call for donations.
Apart from the stove, the centre is also urging persons to assist with food, clothing, cleaning supplies and other necessities.

The Ruimveldt Children’s Aid Centre which is located at 13 Public Road, Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was established in January 1992. The entity has been enabling and empowering its children’s group through positive self-imaging, respect, rights and responsibility.    Continue reading

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