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British Guiana Colonists – Historical database of residents

British Guiana Colonists


This site contains an index to an on-going database of 18th and 19th century residents of the colonies of Berbice, Demerara, and Essequebo (with some connected relatives).

Others who have an interest in their ancestry, may claim earlier European roots in these colonies. In some cases these claims could date back to around 1580 with the earliest Portugese and Dutch settlers at Fort Kyk-over-al.

There are also those with ancestors associated with the Dutch West India Company or connected to the 1739 invitation to all nations that led many settlers, from Barbados, Antigua and other West Indian islands, to establish themselves in these colonies, then under Dutch control.   Continue reading

Jan Carew – The Columbian Era + Black Seminoles – 23 videos

The Columbian Era – Jan Carew and Edward Scobie   – 20 videos

The real history of the Caribbean and Europe after the “discovery of the New World” by Christopher Columbus in 1492.  Very educational and enlightening, as Jan Carew outlines the TRUTH about the effects of Columbus and the history of Europe’s transformation that followed. The videos were made in 1992, when Jan Carew was 72. He passed in November 2012 at the age of 92.

Here is the first of the 23 videos – The links to the others are below:

JAN CAREW – Black Seminoles  – 3 videos

“One of the intresting things about White Historiography, this Eurocentric Historiography, it hones in ALWAYS on the things that separate us. They separate us from ourselves. They separate ourselves. They separate us from our ancestors, from our History. from our Families. They divide us up into little fragments. AND THEY NEVER TELL YOU ABOUT THE UNITIES IN STRUGGLE THAT TOOK PLACE IN HISTORY” – Jan Carew

Go to this link for all 23 videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3E929E355C2BB18

See more links on Jan Carew at the St. Stanislaus College, Georgetown Guyana website entry here  – JAN CAREW

Miss Guyana Universe set for pageant in Las Vegas

Miss Guyana Universe set for pageant in Las Vegas

By: Tangerine Clarke  –  December 7, 2012   Caribbean Life- New York. NY.

Proudly wearing the sash of the reigning Miss Guyana Universe, 22-year-old Ruqayyah Boyer, took New York by storm, making her way up to Harlem, before stopping by the Guyana Consulate on Seventh Avenue, to be celebrated.

The beauty that captured the crown in September and was crowned by – Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopez of Angola during her visit to Guyana – is in Las Vegas where she will compete in the 61st Miss Universe pageant scheduled to take place at Planet Hollywood Resort, on Wednesday, December 19.

The 5’9” petite stunner is excited about dazzling the judges with a wardrobe fit for a queen, complete with creations from a bevy of Guyanese designers. Her outfits will highlight the beauty and diversity of the Guyanese culture. Pat Coats, Derrick Moore and Roger designed the pieces. [Read more]

Quick Study: Charles Morris on American industry

Quick Study: Charles Morris on American industry

A case for optimism

Dec 10th 2012, 11:53 by A.B. – The Economist Magazine

    Charles Morris (right)                                                          

CHARLES MORRIS, an American lawyer and business writer, has written 12 books on subjects ranging from financial crises to the future of Western technology and tycoons, such as J.P. Morgan, Warren Buffett, and John Rockefeller. His notable books include “The Trillion Dollar Meltdown” (2008) and “The Coming Global Boom” (1990). His latest book, “The Dawn of Innovation”, is about America’s first industrial revolution. He is also a fellow of the Century Foundation, a public-policy think tank.

What lessons can America take from its first industrial revolution?

I thought I knew about the American industrial revolution until I started researching it. The emphasis had always been on machine technology, particularly gun manufacturing.  [Read more]

The Poetry of the President – Obama

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Some Little Known Facts about Mahatma Gandhi

Some interesting “facts” about Mahatmi Ghandhi.

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