Gridlock: Guyana’s Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary – 3 videos

President Ramotar says opposition is intoxicated with their majority in the National Assembly

November 29, 2012 Capitol News  – The President has said he still wants to work with the opposition in the interest of the country but at the same time he said the opposition appears intoxicated with their majority in the National Assembly. The President and his administration are not comfortable with that majority and they have been challenging a number of rulings made in the Assembly by heading to the court. I

Opposition describes Attorney General’s move to the Court as frivolous

The Opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), has described as frivolous, the latest move to the court by the Attorney General and the APNU’s point person on legal affairs, PNC Chairman, Basil Williams, believes, its time the Chief Justice put an end to the moves by the Attorney General.  The Attorney General has moved to the court asking the court to reverse and/or quash a number of recent decisions by the Speaker of the National Assembly, with regard to the move by the opposition to gag the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee.

AFC wants constitutional changes before Guyana heads to any other elections               

November 29, 2012 Capitol News – Alliance for Change Chairman, Nigel Hughes, believes, there will need to be serious constitutional changes before Guyana heads into another elections whether snap elections or any other. The attorney said the voice of the majority must be given weight.  With reference to the recent moves to the court by the Attorney General, challenging rulings and decisions in the National Assembly, the AFC Chairman said the work of the Assembly must not be taken for granted.  The Government through the Attorney General has been moving to the courts challenging a number of decisions taken by the National Assembly.

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 12/04/2012 at 9:36 am

    The Constitutional Changes that are being called for can be the subject of a National Referendum. The Goverrnment and the opposition must sit down and agree to this or else at the current rate ot things everything will be in gridlock and the country will suffer because of the spiteful Politics that is being practised by all and sundry. In other countries like Suriname and elsewhere the behaviour of the 65 Parliamentarians would encouraged ambitious and greedy power hungary men to derail the Democracy and bring everyone to their knees. But we are a Democratic nation and our people are resilient and shall wait on the day when the President too gets fed up and does the only thing that is proper for this nation and that is to call the General Elections! Why fear its the people’s Power and it should be returned to them so that the current infighting in the Parliament must come to a decisive end! God Bless Guyana!

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