Council battles to manage the City, while battling the Town Clerk

Council battles to manage the City, while battling the Town Clerk as well

November 30, 2012 Capitol News – There are more problems at City Hall and it has nothing to do with your garbage. The Council moved a no-confidence motion against the acting Town Clerk at its last statutory meeting. The Town Clerk seemed unimpressed by the move, saying, that she is unclear under which Municipal Law the councillors are seeking to remove her.

Yesterday (November 29, 2012), at another statutory meeting councillors voted against the acting Town Clerk continuing in her current post and walked out of the statutory meeting.

After the councillors left the meeting, Sooba tried to address the issue but was told by the Chairperson of the meeting, Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, that there was not a quorum.

While all the inner fighting  continues at  City Hall, garbage is piling up everywhere.

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  • de castro  On 12/05/2012 at 5:00 pm

    lets have new elections for the job of mayor or mayoress.
    30 elected representatives to administer less than half a million residents is an absolute JOKE !
    LONDON s mayor has 12 million and in summer over 18million
    people to manage……with as many elected representatives
    for each borough….wake up GUYANA !
    Londons population is as diverse as RIO s GEORGETOWN
    is probably one of the easiest towns to manage….
    For 10 members to literally walk out of a “meeting”
    just shows how spineless the individuals who enter politricks are…”they wanted the JOB the people gave you the mandate
    and you have failed them”…let the people decide !
    vote them out !
    12 months or 52 weeks is a long time in politricks
    but it is sufficient time to turn things arround…
    If they cannot do so they have failed…
    If they show that they are making the effort then give them a second chance.

    everyone deserves a second chance even OBAMA
    has been endorsed by the american people….


  • de castro  On 12/12/2012 at 11:48 am

    here are some more stats for all to see…

    UK has 600 MP s to manage 69 million souls
    that works out to approx 10 MPs for every million souls


    GUYANA has 65 MPs to manage 750.000 souls
    that works out to approx 1 MP for every 10.000 souls

    may I humbly recomend HRH the president make the neccessary adjustments

    7.5MPs should be able to manage GUYANAs 750.000 souls.

    please feel free to comment on the subject as I am open to suggestions
    on a way forward….for the GUYANESE people….
    CAMERON has already suggested to reduce the UK MPs to half 300
    as he feels they can cope….I endorse his position on the issue…

    EUROLAND has 650 MEP in BRUSSELS and each of its 27 member countries
    have about the same in “duplication” ….wonder why EIROPE is STAGNATING !

    too many cooks “spoil the pot”….

    kamptan in defiant modus operandi

    • rupert De Castro  On 12/12/2012 at 2:20 pm

      A politician’s “duty” once elected is to be REELECTED again and again.
      Unless there is a leader with CAJONAS who is willing to “STICK HIS/HER neck out” to CHANGE things….the status qou prevails.
      THATCHER was such a was Reagan. Reagan fire the WHOLE LOT OF AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS as they were holding the USA to ransom…..and NO planes fell out of the skies.
      Mao Se Tung would say “Changes come the barrel of a gun”..and it DOES sometimes.Think of the ARAB SPRING

    • de castro  On 12/13/2012 at 9:52 am

      welcome dear brother Rupert,
      It is always “colourful” when two brothers meet in “battle”…
      it was called “civil war”…today we are wiser ….it is called
      “disagreement”…..politely ….”beg to differ” !
      I never look back as am forever the optimist..

      I am more a “visionary” than a “sceptic”…

      I look forward to 2013 with the most powerfully democratically elected
      in “power”…and his dilema…

      1. Increase TAXES (some prefer absolish tax breaks)
      2. Reduce welfare spending….indebtnedness !

      I recommend compromise on 1. and suggest republicans decide where to cut
      the spending on 2….a win win situ for OBAMA:
      Lets see what he decides in 2013 when the “idiot” George w tax breaks expire.

      Why does the UN sit on the fence with Ashad of Syria executing his people for
      dissent.¿ UN has finally accepted Palestine as a nation state…the 194th.

      I am off to UK for XMAS and 2013
      The world is predicted to end on
      21 december 2012….think the mayans got it wrong….

      it will occur 100 years later

      21 12 21 12 not 21 12 20 12….hopefully I will be in hell wid all dem bad gals…

      my twisted british sense of humour.


  • Cyril Balkaran  On 12/14/2012 at 10:04 am

    The Mayans did not get it wrong but it is we who interpret what they observe and have predicted to be wrong. We cannot delve into the past Mayan History, nor civilization, nor Callender with great insight much less to pronounce our own fallible judgement on them. The alignment of the Earth, Moon, Sun, Venus and other Planets will cause the earth.s axis wobble and several things will flow out of that including earth quakes and Sunamis. We should continue tp do our daily prayers and hope for the best in this rare Astrological Phenomena!

  • de castro  On 12/14/2012 at 11:17 am

    thank you brother …for that “human” explanation of historical speculation…
    sorry my friend having lived in UK for over 35 years “on and off” sometimes
    gets the better of me !
    as for the prayers…I get too frustrated awaiting their response….
    now I just “wish” if i cannot “make it happen”….

    astrology was never my favourite subject anyway !

    it is always nice to read the responses of others as I am still in my “embryonic”
    stage of mental development….although I know that more “cells” are departing than arriving.

    Am looking forward to january 13 ….13th month of 13th year and my 69th
    birthday…needless to say I will probably be too “intoxicated” to remember it.
    excuses excuses !
    I was at a RUM fest in earls court london last year and tasted a rum named
    “ZACAPA” brewed and blended in GUATAMALA mountainous region..
    apparently the sugar cane from there produces the best rum of the planet.
    A bottle in departure lounge in Malaga or Gatwick is selling for 70 euros a litre bottle….unfortunately they dont sell “half-bottles”….a poor pensioner cannot afford such “refined” prices for “RUM” …XM or El Dorado 12 YO is my choice
    kamptan..thanks response above.

  • gzplayter  On 12/23/2012 at 3:14 am

    I find the irresponsible attitude of some ” rebellious where God is concern. There is truth about God but not of the Mayans or any other ” but Christ” ( Romans 14:11 ) read if time permits.

    With regards to Guyana, his comments is well taken and I trust that the folks in mayoral office is listening. Generally speaking, the government also, is to be blame for the horrible condition we have been calling attention to. You don’t have to look too far. Just take a walk around parliament building and you would see the shamelessness in the people.

    When will this madness come to an end??

  • de castro  On 02/04/2013 at 7:24 am

    doomers and bloomers must always remain hopefull….
    doers and dealers are always hopeful

    GUYANA must change
    GUYANA is changing
    GUYANA will change

    Forever the optimist but never with high expectations less I be disappointed,,


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