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Gridlock: Guyana’s Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary – 3 videos

President Ramotar says opposition is intoxicated with their majority in the National Assembly

November 29, 2012 Capitol News  – The President has said he still wants to work with the opposition in the interest of the country but at the same time he said the opposition appears intoxicated with their majority in the National Assembly. The President and his administration are not comfortable with that majority and they have been challenging a number of rulings made in the Assembly by heading to the court. I

Opposition describes Attorney General’s move to the Court as frivolous

The Opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), has described as frivolous, the latest move to the court by the Attorney General and the APNU’s point person on legal affairs, PNC Chairman, Basil Williams, believes, its time the Chief Justice put an end to the moves by the Attorney General.  The Attorney General has moved to the court asking the court to reverse and/or quash a number of recent decisions by the Speaker of the National Assembly, with regard to the move by the opposition to gag the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee.

AFC wants constitutional changes before Guyana heads to any other elections                Continue reading

Council battles to manage the City, while battling the Town Clerk

Council battles to manage the City, while battling the Town Clerk as well

November 30, 2012 Capitol News – There are more problems at City Hall and it has nothing to do with your garbage. The Council moved a no-confidence motion against the acting Town Clerk at its last statutory meeting. The Town Clerk seemed unimpressed by the move, saying, that she is unclear under which Municipal Law the councillors are seeking to remove her.

Yesterday (November 29, 2012), at another statutory meeting councillors voted against the acting Town Clerk continuing in her current post and walked out of the statutory meeting.

After the councillors left the meeting, Sooba tried to address the issue but was told by the Chairperson of the meeting, Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, that there was not a quorum.

While all the inner fighting  continues at  City Hall, garbage is piling up everywhere.

Flooding and garbage – commentary

Flooding and garbage

Posted By Stabroek staff On December 2, 2012 –Editorial |

There is nothing more depressing than Georgetown on a wet day. It is bad enough in the dry season, but in the rain, all those piles of sodden garbage ooze goo onto the parapets, while the saturated litter from the filthy gutters is swept by the flood-waters onto the roadways. It’s enough to make even the most stoical citizen nauseous. For the average resident trudging through the refuse and the effluent, it feels as though they have been transported to one of the planet’s most notorious slums.

And as they pick their soggy way to work or school, they must surely wonder why it is that those who rule over them don’t seem to be offended by what is deeply offensive to everyone else.  The answer is, that the denizens of ‘Ville I or ‘Ville II don’t experience the flooding and the rubbish directly; they just go whizzing past in their hermetically sealed Prados (or whichever model is currently in vogue), to their sanitary retreats on the East Coast, where in their little universe the water courses unhindered through the gutters, and not even a matchstick is permitted to pollute the parapet. So why should they care about the rest of us? And of course, they don’t.   Continue reading