Chris Brown cancels Guyana concert – video

Chris Brown cancels Guyana concert

(Capitol News – November 21, 2012)   Following widespread protests in Sweden over the weekend and at other shows across Europe, Management of R&B Multi-Award winning artiste, Chris Brown, has decided to pull the plug on his performance in Guyana, which was billed for December 26 at the Guyana National Stadium. However, they have not closed all doors saying that the climate may not be best for a Guyana show right now, but one in the near future is possible.                       

Hits and Jams Entertainment received correspondence today from the Chris Brown’s Management team expressing concern about reports in the press about protests over Brown’s Guyana show and taking into consideration the protests they have seen in Europe, they do not feel comfortable at this time bringing the artiste to Guyana fearing that protests could smear his visit and performance.

Reports are that a similar move could be taken in other countries, where there have also been concerns about protests.

The singer has been wrapped in controversy ever since he physically assaulted his girlfriend at the time, singer, Rihanna. Though he pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced as part of a plea deal to community service, the issue of abuse has been hanging over his head and several countries have banned him from performing within their borders. When his performance in Guyana was announced, a number women rights activists and groups came out saying he should not be allowed to perform here because of the 3-year-old assault case.

Reports suggest that with Chris Brown now out of the show, a number of replacement A List artistes are being looked at since the promoters intend to have the show go on as planned in December.

The Hits and Jams group has been leading the way in bringing a number of Big time international artistes to Guyana.

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  • islandscribbler  On 11/23/2012 at 12:55 pm

    I really hope that this young man has learned his lesson and that the many young men looking on have learnt from his experience – violence is not acceptable in any shape, size nor form and most definitely not in relationships!

  • Cyril balkaran  On 11/24/2012 at 3:13 am

    As we circumambulate the fields of our interests and life, we will make some mistakes. The adrenaline pump allows for bouts of anger but not bouts of violence and to abuse your girlfriend in Public is an unforgivable act. I also hope that all who must learn from this singer has already done so and the singer himself must atone for this act of disgrace.

  • lucille  On 11/24/2012 at 5:33 am

    I think that’s B-S. Are they not together? so what’s the big deal.He has paid his price so let him move on.

  • francis jackson  On 11/25/2012 at 4:44 am

    What Hits and Jams have to say about the cancellation?

    I am not on the battery charge; but the mindset of the organizers who decided to bring him rather than homegrown Rihanna whose mother is from Agricola, East Bank Demerara, Guyana (Waltie Ainsworth credit of address)

    The protest was so loud that he was sent back to the United States before he left. Take a count of the organizations in Guyana that showed opposition to Chris Brown and those from the diaspora. With the same zest, Guyanese can change the madness at home that confronts them daily if they organize in unison. Chris Brown cancellation is an example.

    GT lime, and the First Day of Kwanzza should be supported, support local events and buy local, you are helping the country my fellow countryman. And boxing day should be used as a day of giving, pack a few boxes with needed items and give to the needy

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