Guyanese living in the US relive flooding …. by “Sandy”

Guyanese living in the U.S. relive… The day Sandy stormed the East Coast!

Written by Tangerine Clarke

November 4, 2012  – Guyana Chronucle

GUYANESE are a resilient people who have experienced their fair share of floods in their respective home villages and towns. They know well how to wade through water with buckets on their heads, and to wait out a flood high on their rooftops. But the impact of Hurricane Sandy was nothing they could have ever imagined.

altDeborah Barocas outside her apartment building

They were among the eight million people left stranded in the New York Tri-State area, without electricity and cell-phone among other key services, as they squared their shoulders to deal with the devastating floodwaters that wreaked havoc in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey.
The very graphic and gut-wrenching images speak volumes, as they tell of the chaos that followed the arrival of the ‘super-storm’, which made landfall on Monday, October 29; a chaos that is still being felt now almost a week on by way of railway shutdowns, power outages, road closures, and massive flooding.
Thankfully, no Guyanese was reported missing or dead, considering the horrific fires in the  Breezy Point area of Queens, which flattened 111 houses, leaving in their wake hundreds homeless.   [more]

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