Ramotar congratulates Obama on “well deserved” victory

 Ramotar congratulates Obama on “well deserved” victory

November 7, 2012  –  Demerara Waves

Guyanese leader Donald Ramotar on Wednesday expressed his congratulations to Barack Obama on his re-election as president of the United States.

“I take this opportunity publicly to express my congratulations on a hard fought and well deserved victory,” Ramotar stated briefly at a trade union event Wednesday morning.

An official message is expected to be dispatched shortly as is customary.   

On Tuesday evening Prime Minister Samuel Hinds had attended a reception at the residence of the US ambassador in Georgetown Brent Hardt where he had pledged that the Guyana government was prepared to work with the US government, whether it was led by Obama or Mitt Romney.

At that event Hardt noted the assistance his government had extended to Guyana to strengthen democracy and governance while adding that there was a new USAID initiative on Elections and Political Processes they would be working on.

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 11/08/2012 at 4:13 am

    Many may not have entertained the notion that an Obama victory was in the making. Why? He dealt with the issues as Illegal Immigration in the USA and with Universal Health Coverages for the Poorer Americans. He created the scheme to bring home the Military on a phased basis and he toned down the war machines in the Middle East. He made the Al Quaeda movement realized that he was not after them in particular and so it was acase of LIVE and let Live! Hail be unto the King of America. Hail President Obama. God Bless the President and the American People. In 20 years time all of the Cogress and the top jobs will go the the non-US born Citizens!

  • de castro  On 11/08/2012 at 2:50 pm

    my interest now that election dust has settled…
    what % were elegable to vote
    what % voted
    what % voted obama (democrats)
    does democracy really work….the turn out was cruitial to who would win…

    Depending on these % s in the aftermath of SANDY …if it was over 70%
    turn out ..it proves that democracy works and that the american people
    are politically motivated. Unlike EUROLAND where we have a 35%
    turn out in european elections.
    Congratulations OBAMA congratulations AMERICANS.
    Great country Great people….Great for democracy.


  • Cyril Balkaran  On 11/09/2012 at 12:11 pm

    Kamptan, The elections are over and our candidate has swept the polls. How does % matters now. You sound like an elections officer with a report.Ha! vICTORY MY BROTHER IS SWEET AND SWEETR STILL IT WENT INTO THE HANDS OF OUR OWN OBAMA. God bless you Mr President, hearty Congratulations and God bless America. What happens in the nest elections in USA, will be left tp the first Woman President of the USA! My prediction anyway.

  • de castro  On 11/10/2012 at 8:49 am

    enjoyed the critique ..I love post-mortems ha ha ! Yes USA will certainly have a female as their next president(Hilary)….THATCHER comes to mind…would love Michelle
    to decide to enter the arena…then we will have the “first woman of colour” as the next president of the “FREE” world…another first for AMERICA.
    Some critics are already saying that the election was “stage managed”
    and that the 2B dollars could have been spent elsewhere ….
    cynics will always find a way “play down” a well deserved victory…
    I remain positively optimistic for the future as AMERICANS have shown
    great resilience in adversity….SANDY MK1 and 2…
    interesting times ahead.
    kamptan ps will send you some statistics and comments on the results

  • compton de castro  On 11/12/2012 at 10:43 am

    I learn more from people who disagree with me….
    my e mail address is doncomdecastro@yahoo.co.uk

    I do enjoy the banter on GUYANESEONLINE hence my participation “publicly”
    however if you prefer to exchange ideological differences privately I will welcome that. It was not mentioned but the WEST INDIAN votes certainly
    helped OBAMA especially in FLORIDA….a minority vote after the Hispanics.

    for the world to see the most powerful man on the planet “CRY” must be an inspiration to all politically aware/motivated people. Emotions is what the world is lacking…better still publicly showing it….when we speak from our hearts
    and respond with both mind and heart it moves mountains..

    my main concerns today goes out to the people in SYRIA who are fighting
    a battle for “FREEDOM” and the WEST or UN will not sanction a “no fly zone”
    and enforce it …as per LIBYA.

    sorry I strayed a bit hence my suggestion for direct exchanges via my e mail add…

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