US Elections: Your vote counts – by Rosaliene Bacchus

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Three Worlds One Vision

This is the second U.S. presidential election that grabbed my attention. Election 2008 was magical: the possibility of America’s first female or black president. Four years later, the magic is gone. Many promises for change remain unfulfilled. Middle Class America floundered while our elected representatives failed to work together for our interests. A vocal minority group of extreme religious conservatives launched a war against women’s rights. Using their vast wealth and new status of personhood, big corporations have compromised a faction of our officials and can now finance candidates for public office.

The U.S. electoral system is so complex and costly that there is no level playing field for all participants. We have more than ten political parties, yet only the Democratic and Republican parties enjoy prominence. Third Party and Independent candidates lack the financial clout and coverage by mainstream media to appear in the national polls. Without the…

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