Guyana Shines Project promotes a litter-free environment – video

Guyana Shines Project raises awareness for a litter-free environment

The Guyana Shines Project, which is an initiative led by the US Ambassador, with collaboration from The British and Canadian Diplomatic representatives here , Youth Challenge Guyana and the Environment Ministry, has reached another stage in its efforts to raise awareness of the need for a litter-free  environment.   

At a function to recognize two communities for their efforts, the project was lauded by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry responsible for the Environment, Joslyn Mc Kenzie.

The Guyana Shines project has focused on Education and has partnered with several schools since May, to get the message out, and community participation, and Us Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt, said, that the youths will have to lead the way in creating a healthier Guyana.

Ambassador Hardt said, that the communities of Lodge and Tucville were identified for the Pick  it up Campaign and  an evaluation of before and after the exercise saw Tucville being adjudged the winner. He was very high in praise for the commitment he saw from the efforts of the two City Wards and believes that it can have a domino effect across the Nation’s capital. He issued a strong call to action to citizens to appreciate a clean and healthy environment.

The Guyana Shines Project was launched atLodge and Tucville and Headteacher there Ms. Georgiana Lewis, was very  blunt in her assessment of the attitudes of those who litter but she was also positive that there could be change.

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  • travelconnexxions  On October 10, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Kudos to all those who not only participated , but also those who saw the need for a project such as this one. Now that the seed has been planted let us transform the seedling into a huge tree with branches spreading into all parts of what used to be known as “the Garden City”. Keep up the good work Guyanese.

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