Assistant Superintendent Todd testifies at Linden Inquiry

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Assistant Superintendent Todd testifies that he did all of the shooting of the shotguns

As Assistant Superintendent, Patrick Todd, who was in charge of the TSU on the day of the Linden shooting continued on the stand today, he testified that he did all the shooting of the shotguns and throwing of the tear smoke canisters. He said, he never shot at the crowd but shot down to the road so that it could ricochet in the direction of the crowd. When grilled about why he took it upon himself to do all the shooting and throwing of tear gas, he said, he had more trust in himself; that the members of his unit were not experienced enough.

Throughout his testimony, he kept repeating that his unit was pelted with bottles and bricks. He however, admitted that they never took any of the obstacles they claim they were pelted with away from the scene as evidence. Additionally, Todd testified, that none of the members of his unit ever sought medical attention for the injuries he said they received. He testified also, that he did not seek any medical attention for any injuries either. The Commission also wanted to get a clearer picture from Todd about the training his unit received, them being certified and still not being experienced enough to shoot a tear smoke gun.

After a short break in the proceedings, Attorney Nigel Hughes took over the questioning of the Assistant Superintendent and first, submitted a photograph of the unit on the day in question at the Mackenzie Wismar Bridge and later Hughes put together a chart with sketches of the area asking the Assistant Superintendent to point to where the crowds were when he opened fire. He was also pressed about the direction where the bottles and bricks he said his unit was pelted with were coming from.

Todd will return to the witness box early Monday morning, when Hughes will continue his examination of the Assistant Superintendent. The Commission Chairman today indicated that sometime next week the Commission intends to travel to Linden to the scene of the shooting incident.

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