Special fly rates for Guy-Expo 2012

Special fly rates for Guy-Expo 2012

By Tangerine Clarke

Guyana’s Ambassador to Washington, Bayney Karran, in collaboration with the Guyana government has extended an invitation to Guyanese and Caribbean exhibitors to seize the opportunity to meet, network and negotiate deals at the country’s 2012 Trade Fair and Exposition set to take place from Sept. 27 to 30 in Georgetown.

Guy-Expo, which was launched in 1995, has become the Republic’s largest premier trade fair and exposition that attract thousands of international companies and organizations each year to showcase their skills and creative work. Karran laid out a comprehensive profile of this year’s expo to lure businesses to the shores of Guyana – a country of six different races, 10 regions and a massive Eco-tourism package that is being touted as the best in the South American basin.                               

The country is depending on its export ready  products of fresh and processed foods, seafood, alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages, wood and wood products, building materials and pharmaceuticals to boosts its economic growth. Textile, jewelry and handicraft are some of the country’s other lucrative export ventures, expected to draw investors to the fair that was planned under the theme – “Strengthening The Traditional, Embracing The New.” According to the embassy, the theme is in recognition of Guyana’s strategy, prudent policy implementation and continuing efforts to expand opportunities for sustainable investments.

The planning committee of GUYEXPO said that it hopes that Guyanese and other investors would seize this occasion to creatively present their goods and services to the tens of thousands of patrons and investors who will be visiting Guyana’s premier trade fair exhibition.

With this initiative in place, organizers have rushed to ensure that adequate accommodation are ready for the large contingent that is expected to visit Guyana. As such, the Guyana government has partnered with local hotels and EZJET Airlines, (EZJET.COM), which will fly visitors from New York and Canada direct into Georgetown.

Special rates are being offered under GUY-EXPO 2012. Shipping companies such as Tropical Shipping, Trans Caribbean cargo, John Fernandes, C&V Shipping, D&J Shipping service and Amerijet International are also available for service to the exhibitors.To learn more – log on to www.guyexpo.com.

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 09/22/2012 at 2:16 am

    What about the Caricom group of countries. Are they also not expected to parter in this Trade fair. What about reduced air fares for the 13 member group wishing to participate. We will bring people from far away in the North while the people in your own backyard are isolated from this trade fair. This is how people in the Caribbean countries operate. None the less I wish the Organizers all success in this venture as it is not the first venture and definitely will not be the last in the Region. Caribbean and Latin America must plan and trade as a group so that together they can reap the results of sound economic planning!

  • de castro  On 09/23/2012 at 10:19 am

    I echo your sentiments …. if Caricom refuses to participate then invite
    your neighbours …as a matter of fact your neighbours should be priority
    …only GUYANA speaks ENGLISH and only BRAZIL portuguese…the rest
    SPANISH…except for the two european satalites Suriname and Cayane.
    Most of “western” world speaks English …with more Cantonese and Hindi
    spoken worldwide. most of my Spanish friends here in the Alpujaras (speak
    catalan spanish) …language is a major problem in communicating although “body language” is almost universal so language is secondary.
    Trade fairs are international today and ENGLISH is widely spoken even in INDIA and CHINA …GUYANA must look to the “world market” not the leaves and trees of the forrest….and GUYANA has plenty of that to offer….AMAZONIA.
    BRAZIL capitalised on that fact….even threatened to BURN the forrest if
    they were refused loans by “world bank” … today BRAZIL is a member of the same and a “money lender”…even defaulting twice on repayments…….wake up GUYANA…..sorry but I like to think “internationalistically” and try to avoid “nationalistic” thinking !..thats why I will not be a politician….only an adviser. POWER does not motivate me !
    The people with the “power” must also listen or loose it.

    Promoting an “ENGLISH” speaking trade fair is a big “plus” for GUYANA
    …am sure INDIA and CHINA or their representatives will be there.
    I remember the 70″s in UK with CHINESE posing as “tourists” taking pictures
    of factories and other technological advancements…only to “copy” and improve
    later in their development….today they not only copy but they “perfect”
    ….exporting their excesses for western mass consumption.

    MADE IN GUYANA brand name should reflect “quality”….
    BRAZIL is today rebranding itself “made in brazil” which means “quality”…
    GERMANS refused to manufacture their “machines” outside GERMANY
    today more GERMAN machines are manufactured outside GERMAN:
    GUYANA learn from the GERMANS:…even copy and perfect them.

    my spin entirely

    forever the optimist !

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