Mark Benshop: APNU-PNC Incompetence – commentary

Mark Benshop: APNU-PNC Incompetence  – commentary

Why should citizens continue to embrace political parties (and the INCOMPETENT Members of Parliament) who do not have their best interests at heart?

Let’s address the issue of the APNU/PNC and how they have thus far FAILED to adequately represent their constituency.

(1) The leadership is alleged to have agreed for the increase of electricity tariff in Linden, after sitting with the PPP/C in private meetings without the knowledge/input of the Regional Chairman, Mr. Sharma Raheem Solomon, or the MPs representing Region #10, nor the people of Linden.

Immediately following the exposure of the ‘secret deal,’ the smoke hit the roof and the APNU’s Leadership quickly removed themselves from the scene, leaving the young/dynamic Regional Chairman, his MPs (mainly Ms. Vanessa Kissoon) and the people of Linden to battle the PPP.                

(2) On July 18th, members of the Guyana Police Force opened fire on peaceful protestors (on the Wismar/McKenzie Bridge) killing three unarmed young men, and injuring dozens (including women and children.) This event should have led to (a) mass protests countrywide and the shutting down of the country (b) dismissal/and murder charges against the officers who passed the illegal order to shoot those peaceful protestors with live rounds, and those who carried them out. (c) Thousands of people should have been at the doorsteps of the Minister of Home Affairs, calling for his IMMEDIATE resignation.

The truth is, the leadership of the party showed no interest other than a few photo ops, and sound bites at a few meetings. Again, the world saw the Regional Chairman, MP Vanessa Kissoon, church leaders, Nigel Hughes, Lincoln Lewis, Aubrey Norton and Gerhard Ramsaroop bravely standing on the side of the people.

(3) The signing of the Terms of Reference (TORs) this Judas act confirmed the short sightedness and lack of political experience which led to the leadership agreeing to send one man (MP Joseph Harmon) into the Office of the President to ‘negotiate’ with Dr. Roger Luncheon and the PPP. Their ridiculous objective was to shut the AFC and the leadership of Region #10 out of the process…..simply to score cheap political points.

In the end, not even cheap political points were achieved, since the TORs became a document that has PPP written all over. Again, the people of Linden received the wrong end of the stick, all compliments of the failed leadership of the APNU.

(4) The party offered very little legal representation to the people of Linden (if any at all,) had it not been for the immediate and constant interventions by prominent attorney, Nigel Hughes, Lindeners would have had to find a way of seeking legal help on their own.

However, nearly two months after the bloody event of July 18, 2012, lawyer for the APNU/PNC (Chairman, Basil Williams) rolled into Linden like a thief in the night to counter all the legal works done by Nigel Hughes, and allegedly urged victims to disregard the legal route Nigel wants to take.

Finally (for now)

The APNU/PNC wants to misguide their supporters into believing that the party has been on the side of Lindeners throughout the one month struggle and thereafter, this is far from reality, and any Flat Foot Hustlers/’politicians’ who wish to tell you otherwise, surely need an immediate brain scan. These modern-day Judases sat and agreed to everything in the TORs, and now they are telling us that it’s no good.

Gosh! When will our people open their eyes and see that these selfish politicians (and wife-beaters) do not have our best interests at heart?

Time for a Reality Check, folks. I can’t say for sure that the APNU/PNC politricktians are really interested in Lindeners receiving justice, look at their actions and silly public utterances and tell me whether I’m wrong.

—  Post #1880

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  • sirenagx  On 09/23/2012 at 3:26 pm

    You are righty about one thing, they are incompetent. Unfortunately, your solution is destruction not construction. You fail to see the fact that vigorus negotiantion achieved more in the long run than violent protest. Grainger should have negotiate better, gaining time for review of the increase, he got one for pensioners. Sorry, but lets avoid suicide bombers and stick to aggressive civil rights leaders. Just an old mudhead views.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 09/25/2012 at 12:18 am

    Those members of Parliament who went for the discussions on the Linden Electricity Tariff simply did not possess the necessary bargaining skills needed for such a diplomatic and urgent matter of Public Importance. The place for such a debate was not in the President’s office but in the Parliamentary chamber itself.
    No one placed this on the Order Paper before the Speaker as a matter of Urgent Public Business. The actors were in and out of the President Office agreeing to one thing at one time, then the Press was reporting on another thing at the same time and even Sharma Solomon was faltering and claiming he signed on to an agreement and at another time he said NO! So what the hell did the players agree to when all is said and done. The people in Linden are without a school to sent 800 children and Solomon could not be troubled.
    It will take some more time before the reality thing kicks in, and as for the People of Linden they too have heard enough from those who are to represent their politics and their interests.

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