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African Tribe in India -The Siddis – Kenya TV – 4 videos

African Tribe in India – The Siddes – 4 videos

Citizen TV of Kenya traces an African tribe in India. Tom Mboya travelled to India and now brings you the story of these people, some of whom could be from Kenya.  The four videos are at the end of this introduction.  More information on the Siddes and other African tribes in Asia follow the four videos.

The Siddi population is currently estimated to be 20,000–55,000, with Gujarat in India the main population centre. The village Sirvan is inhabited entirely by Siddis, a tribe of African people. It is believed that some were brought 300 years ago from Africa, by the Portuguese for the Nawab of Junagadh.

The Siddis, whose features are remarkably African, have lived in the forest in a remote village in India unknown to the rest of the world. Today they have found their space in the complex Indian caste system, and their station in this hierarchy is at the bottom, slightly above the Dalits. Citizen TV’s Tom Mboya spent time in India with a tribe that has preserved their unique African heritage for centuries.                Continue reading

Guyana: cowboys and Indians – John Gimlette

 Guyana: cowboys and Indians

From cowboys to conservationists, cricket-mad Indians to shy Amerindians, Guyana is a country of survivors – explore this little corner of Eden

John Gimlette | Wanderlust Magazine – Issue 103 | April/May 2009

When I arrived in Georgetown I found it in the grip of a good murder trial, and so I went along to watch. In one sense it was like a courtroom drama circa 1790. The accused, Blacksam and Buggins, were old felons who drank in taverns and ate saltfish and souse. Then, one day, they picked a Georgian quarrel with their neighbour and dispatched him with a cutlass.

In every other sense, the trial was like a snapshot of modern life in Guyana. Defence counsel was, like every third Guyanese, Indian (and spoke a rich Creole, well-larded with Dickens and Donne). Another third of the populace, the Africans, were represented by the judge and the constables; the remainder, the mixed races, by the jury. In their 12 furrowed faces was the story of Guyana: slaves, Amerindians, ‘Chineymen’, Irish adventurers, Scottish cattlemen, pirates, pioneers and Pathans.               Continue reading

Eusi Kwayana Toronto visit and brief Bio – by Michael Parris

Eusi Kwayana’s planned visit to Toronto (Sep 27-Oct6,2012) with a brief Bio written by Michael Parris.

Eusi Kwayana, formerly named Sydney King, is scheduled to be visit Toronto during September 27 to October 6, 2012, as a guest of The Committee to Assist Buxton/Friendship (COTAB), which has been operating here since 2000.  He will be featured at events sponsored by COTAB, the Caribbean Studies Program of the University of Toronto, and the Canada – Guyana Forum.

Briefly, the events are:

Sponsored by COTAB

Friday Sept. 28, 6 – 9 PM:       Book Signing at the Different Booklist (746 Bathurst, Toronto)

Sunday Sept. 30th, 5 – 8 PM:  Lecture & Mix’N Mingle session (St. John the Divine Anglican Church, 885 Scarborough Golf Club Rd)                   Continue reading

Raquayyah Boyer is Miss Guyana Universe 2012

Get more information on Raquayyah Boyer, a former St. Stanislaus College student at their website link here:-    Ruqayyah Boyer, Miss Guyana Universe, 2012  <<< click this link

Raquayyah Boyer is Miss Guyana Universe 2012

September 17, 2012 | By | Filed Under News

 Raquayyah Boyer was on Saturday evening crowned Miss Guyana Universe 2012 at the poolside of the Princess International Hotel at Providence after what many described as one of the worst pageants within recent years.
The 20-year-old, who stands five feet, nine inches tall, will represent Guyana at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant to be held later this year after turning back the challenge of 10 other delegates.
The announcement of the winner was greeted with a lukewarm applause and much bickering, betraying the division in the audience as to who should have one.
Boyer’s platform for the Miss Guyana Universe 2012 pageant was ‘Domestic violence’. She explained that the issue has become an epidemic in the Guyanese society, and every day dawns the possibility of another victim.
This is the second attempt at a major national title for Boyer.       Continue reading

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