MY GUYANA by Naraine Datt

MY GUYANA  by Naraine Datt

Land of many waters is my forever Guyana
Sandwiched between Brazil and Venezuela
Also called the land of six peoples
Although some behave like weevils
Including the Blacks and Indians
And our neglected Amerindians

We live on the flat coastlands
From Point Playa to Springlands
My Guyana is Raleigh, Sir Walter
The fearless Elizabethan explorer
He sailed up the Orinoco
Hoping to find El Dorado
Around campfires his saga is told
How he came looking for our gold
Dr.Walter Rodney is in My Guyana
The stalwart historian, and teacher  

My Guyana is Cheddi Jagan
Who showed the world he can
My Guyana is cricket also man!
Rohan Kanhai in cricket held the spot
With his famous falling hook shot

My Guyana is Ted Braithwaite as a teacher
With his novel, To Sir with Love as a writer
Sydney Poiter’s portrayal of kids bad and loud
Ted’s English experience made us very proud
It also includes JWChinapen teacher and artist
His Albion Wilds at that time ‘twas the best
And not forgetting the late great dynamic
Revealing to us of politicians so slick
He turned the darkness into light
Martin Carter’s poems were right
With his Poems of Resistance so powerful
Uniting a people and making it so crystal
Who literally planted the struggle and need
To fight bad politics, racialism and greed
Philip Moore our famous artist
His art was on all visitor’s list
With his art and sculpture so unique
Making Guyana reached its peak

My Guyana is for all the six major races
The Amerindians who made the first traces
The sons and daughters of the blacks
Who came after camouflaged attacks
Of the slaves uprooted from Africa
To build the plantations of the bakrah
And the East Indians shipped from India

These are the people who made Guyana
We thought bad things would cease
And all the races would live in peace
When all the religions were respected
Not where some men were subjected
When we all used to work together
Played and laughed with one another
And sometimes loved each other
Yes that’s my kind of Guyana

My Guyana belongs to the farmers
The cane cutters and pork knockers
Even the contentious civil servants
Able Policeman and good GDF soldiers
Firemen, road gangs pupils and teachers

My friends are from all races and creed
I judge a man by his words and deed
And not by his past politics
But by his actions and antics
I’m getting there actually but I know
One day I will live to see our show
When Guyanese think like me
Not as a black or a damn coolie
But as of one nation with one destiny
Living in sweet peace and harmony.

Naraine Datt

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  • June  On 09/12/2012 at 11:05 am

    Wonderful, I love your Guyana!

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